Three Days Grace’s New Single ‘So Called Life’ Is ‘Full Of Emotions And Frustrations Of Everyday Life’ – Blabbermouth.net

Three Days Grace’s New Single ‘So Called Life’ Is ‘Full Of Emotions And Frustrations Of Everyday Life’ – Blabbermouth.net
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Darius Rucker Leads Certifications For The Week Ending November 20, 2021

Darius Rucker began his solo Country career in 2008 with his “Learn To Live” album being released September 16th. The album had immediate impact on Country radio with three (#1) Country hits. The album hit (#1) on the Vault 60 Albums Chart a few months ago and also produced the (#2) Vault hit, “History In The Making”. As of this week, “Learn To Live” has been certified 2x Platinum on Byrdbored. Rucker also scores a new peak for his song, “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It”, which moves to (#7) on the Vault Singles Chart. With Darius set for a new album in February 2022, I would expect his older music to continue to be on a roll in the coming months.

MercyMe move to (#2) on the SongByrd 60 Singles Chart with “Whiplash” this week and in the process score their 16th Gold single on Byrdbored. The group is celebrating their 20th year as a band this year which means the guys will be strong contenders for the Nest Of Fame. “Whiplash” is the Christian Contemporary group’s fourth Byrdy Dozen hit from their former (#2) album, “Inhale (Exhale)”, which has been certified Platinum.

For more details on Byrdbored certifications check out the Certification Cage page. It details all the songs and albums that have been certified since the beginning of the site in 2019.


“Break The Spell” Returns To (#1) Album For Daughtry On 10-Year Anniversary

Daughtry celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their third album, “Break The Spell”, in style this week as it moves from (#3) to (#1) on the Vault Albums Chart. The album originally spent nine weeks on top so that means “Break The Spell” hits ten weeks on top of Byrdbored. If the album continues a run in the Vault Byrdy Dozen, it could become Daughtry’s third Diamond certified album. That would tie Daughtry with Keith Urban for second place with the most Diamond certified albums behind only Def Leppard with four.

OneRepublic move to a new peak at (#2) with their 2013 album, “Native”, which includes the (#1) Vault song, “Love Runs Out”, for a second week. After three weeks on top, “Restless Heart”, by Whitesnake drops to (#3) followed by Jason Aldean’s “Night Train” at (#4) and Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away” at (#5).

Carrie Underwood actually has one of the better weeks for an artist in recent memory scoring five albums in the Vault Byrdy Dozen. “Blown Away” hits (#5), “Play On” moves from (#23) to (#7), “Carnival Ride” sits at (#8) followed by “Storyteller” at (#9) and her debut album, “Some Hearts”, leaps from (#16) to (#11). Underwood is part of the (#1) SongByrd 60 hit (along with Jason Aldean), “If I Didn’t Love You”, which has definitely spiked some interest in her past music. Underwood is also at (#5) on the SongByrd 60 Artists Chart.

On the Vault SongByrd 60 Singles Chart, OneRepublic spend a second week at (#1) with “Love Runs Out”. The recently certified Platinum hit caught fire last week to re-enter the Byrdy Dozen on top. OneRepublic continue to have a very respectable end to 2021 scoring hit songs and albums on all Byrdbored charts along with currently residing at (#3) on the SongByrd 60 Artists Chart.

At (#2) is Carrie Underwood’s 2009 hit, “Cowboy Casanova”, which originally hit (#1) on Byrdbored. With all of Underwood’s music receiving plays recently, “Cowboy Casanova” is the big winner this week blasting from (#31) to (#2). The hit takes over the top Vault Country song from Jason Aldean’s “Johnny Cash” which drops from (#5) to (#8) on the Vault SongByrd 60.

Lenny Kravitz moves back up one notch to (#3) with “Are You Gonna Go My Way” followed by For King & Country’s “God Only Knows” at (#4). John Mayer’s “Assassin” moves up one slot to (#5) to give him his 17th top five in Byrdbored history.

Darius Rucker re-enters the Byrdy Dozen with “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It” jumping from (#15) to (#7). The hit originally peaked at (#8) in 2008. Rucker has received tons of interest in his past solo catalog including his debut solo Country album, “Learn To Live”, which hit (#1) on the Vault Albums Chart. The album includes both “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It” and his (#2) Vault song, “History In The Making”. “Learn To Live” currently sits at (#6) on the Vault Albums Chart and has been certified 2x Platinum.

George Strait scores his 11th Byrdy Dozen as “You Look So Good In Love” blasts from (#24) to (#9). Strait’s early 1980’s music has been making major impact over the last two years on the Vault charts since many of his albums were never listened to during that time. Strait’s “The Cowboy Rides Away” is one of the front-runners for Vault Country Song of the Year.

Another Country star is finally making some impact on Byrdbored. Thomas Rhett hasn’t had any hits, but with his latest single release, “Slow Down Summer”, climbing the SongByrd 60 to (#29) things are changing. One of Rhett’s early Country radio hits, “It Goes Like This”, debuts on Byrdbored at (#10) on the Vault SongByrd 60, and he officially scores his first Byrdy Dozen hit.

(For the week ending November 20, 2021)

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Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood Rule Again; Aldean Remains On Top Of Albums & Artists Chart

Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood retain the SongByrd 60 top single for a second week with “If I Didn’t Love You”. The hit became only the 14th collaboration in Byrdbored history to hit the top when it blasted from (#7) to (#1) last week. The song now looks to be one of the front-runners for Country Song of the Year at the 41st Annual Byrdbored Music Awards in January. Aldean has won Country Song of the Year three times (2014, 2015 & 2018) while Underwood has never won the award.

With a 2-spin increase from last week, MercyMe blast from (#6) to (#2) with “Whiplash”. The hit is the group’s 4th Byrdy Dozen single from their former (#2) album, “Inhale (Exhale)”, and their 23rd overall. “Whiplash” is also their 22nd (#1) Christian Contemporary song and spends a 3rd straight week as the top Christian song. The tune could become MercyMe’s 6th overall (#1) in the coming weeks and has now been certified Gold on Byrdbored.

Forest Blakk moves to (#3) with “Fall Into Me” which takes over the top Hot AC song replacing John Mayer’s “Wild Blue” which drops to (#6) on the SongByrd 60. Daughtry move up one notch to (#4) with “The Victim” which spends an 8th straight week as the top Rock song.

Daughtry’s days with the top Rock song might be numbered, however, as Skillet’s latest single, “Standing In The Storm”, blasts from (#23) to (#5). Their latest scores the Power Pick Hit of the Week with a 9-spin increase from last week and also earns the Big Byrd Mover of the Week. “Standing In The Storm” is the Rock act’s 42nd Byrdy Dozen and has an excellent shot at becoming the band’s 21st (#1) song in the coming weeks. Skillet is set to release their 11th album, “Dominion”, on January 14th, 2022.

Despite already having one hit song, “Some Habits”, sitting at (#30) on the SongByrd 60, Cole Swindell released another new tune, “Never Say Never”, featuring Lainey Wilson this week. The hit is the High Flyin’ Debut coming in at (#35) with 10 spins in it’s first week. With another Country duet from Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood, “If I Didn’t Love You”, riding high at (#1) why not try to catch lighting in a bottle? Time will tell if “Never Say Never” has the same success, but High Flyin’ Debut of the Week is a great starting point.

On the SongByrd 60 Albums Chart, Jason Aldean retains the top album, “Macon”, for a second week with (89) more song plays. The album became Aldean’s 9th top album in Byrdbored history last week. Silk Sonic actually increase their song plays from their album, “An Evening With Silk Sonic”, to move to (#2). Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak pick up (76) song plays which is a 10-song increase from it’s debut week. The duo’s latest hit, “Smokin’ Out The Window”, leaps from (#33) to (#24) on the SongByrd 60.

Daughtry’s new album, “Dearly Beloved”, slips one spot to (#3) followed by OneRepublic’s “Human” which jumps back up to it’s peak at (#4) for a 5th non-consecutive week. Gabby Barrett’s release of her deluxe version of “Goldmine” boosts the album from (#17) to a new peak at (#5). “Goldmine” increases by (45) song plays to score the Power Pick Album of the Week. The album contains the (#8) hit single, “Footprints On The Moon”, which leaps four notches and has a 6-spin increase from last week.

With no major album releases for Byrdbored (sorry Adele), the High Flyin’ Debut is Anne Wilson’s Christmas release, “I Still Believe In Christmas”, coming in at (#50). The Big Byrd Mover Album of the Week is Hunter Hayes with “Wild Blue” which leaps from (#58) to (#38). The album contains the (#53) hit single, “Tell Me”, which debuts in the SongByrd 60 this week.

On the SongByrd 60 Artists Chart, Jason Aldean spends a second straight week (and his third overall) on top scoring (127) total song plays. Daughtry remain strong at (#2) with OneRepublic also staying put at (#3). Silk Sonic leap from (#8) to (#4) thanks to their 10-song play increase from last week. Carrie Underwood continues to see a spike in her song plays despite not having a new album, but the (#1) SongByrd 60 song does have it’s benefits driving her from (#7) to (#5).

Gabby Barrett blasts from (#27) to (#6) thanks to her Power Pick Hit Album,“Goldmine”, which hit a new peak at (#5). Barrett released her deluxe version of the album this week which helps to drive a (45) song- play increase for Barrett.

Cole Swindell blasts from (#49) to (#23) thanks to adding the High Flyin’ Debut Single of the Week, “Never Say Never”, featuring Lainey Wilson which comes in at (#35). Alan Jackson also leaps from (#57) to (#34) thanks to the release of his new song, “Racing The Dark”, which was written by his daughter about the passing of Jackson’s Son-In-Law. Thomas Rhett also jumps from (#58) to (#38) thanks to his latest single, “Slow Down Summer”, which leaps from (#42) to (#29) on the SongByrd 60.

The ByrdTrax volume hits the second highest total of the year (behind last week’s record 1,388) at (1,326). The 2021 weekly song play average moves up to (1,126) which is (266) plays higher than 2020. The Vault % remains at 20% of the total plays, while Christmas songs move up to 9%. Thanksgiving week is usually brutal to the ByrdTrax volume as it normally drops at least 30-40%. 2021 has been the highest song play volume ever, however, so even lower plays will most likely be fairly high compared to past years.

(For the week ending November 20, 2021)

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Professor Of Rock Unlocks QUEENSRŸCHE Hit “Silent Lucidity” (Video) – BraveWords

Professor Of Rock has released the new video below, stating: “The emotional lyric-by-lyric story of Queensrÿche’s perfect #1 rock hit, ‘Silent Lucidity’, from 1991.  The leaders of the progressive metal movement, Geoff Tate and Chris Degarmo created a masterpiece that still resonates with the masses about lucid dreaming.”
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David Draiman Says Disturbed Won’t Put Out ‘Traditional Full Length’ Album; Two Separate Releases Planned – Blabbermouth.net

David Draiman Says Disturbed Won’t Put Out ‘Traditional Full Length’ Album; Two Separate Releases Planned – Blabbermouth.net
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Top Flights – October 2021

On September 17, 2021, Daughtry released their sixth album, “Dearly Beloved”. It is the follow up to 2018’s “Cage To Rattle” which was their first real disappointment for me. I felt like Chris Daughtry was trying to do his Adele impression. No offense to Adele, but that isn’t what Daughtry does best. “Cage To Rattle” was their first album to not hit (#1) on Byrdbored.

“Dearly Beloved” is a return to the Rock group’s roots, however, and it debuted on top of the SongByrd 60. It has spent six non-consecutive weeks on top and has already produced a (#1) hit, “The Victim”, which spent three weeks on top. “Dearly Beloved” has been certified 2x Platinum to date and looks to be an album I will be playing all the way through 2022.

The new album has most definitely sparked my interest in listening to all Daughtry’s early music. In October 2021, I went back to the very beginning roughly 15 years ago when the self-titled debut album absolutely blew up Byrdbored. The album re-entered the Byrdy Dozen to spend an additional week at (#1) on the Vault Albums Chart. That brings the total to (27) weeks on top and (113) weeks in the Byrdy Dozen on the Albums Chart to be certified 19x Platinum. The Daughtry self-titled debut is now ranked as the (#4) album in Byrdbored history. Daughtry has also moved to the (#11) artist in Byrdbored history, and with a great new album look for that position to only move higher in the coming months and years.

One of the classic songs from the 1980’s got a slight bump up in October 2021 as Journey’s “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” received some Vault chart action in the month. The song has spent a total of four weeks at (#1) and (23) weeks in the Byrdy Dozen. The hit has also spent (16) weeks as the top Rock song. It is featured on the (#16) album in Byrdbored history, “Frontiers”, and was originally released in 1983. “Separate Ways (World’s Apart)” is now ranked as the (#60) song in Byrdbored history.

Another 1980’s hit song, “Rough Boy”, by ZZ Top also received some additional points in October hitting (#1) on the Vault Singles Chart. The hit has now spent two weeks at (#1) since it also was a (#1) hit originally in 1986. It has spent a total of (25) weeks in the Byrdy Dozen and became the group’s second Diamond certified single in October. It has moved up to (#151) in Byrdbored history. ZZ Top moved to the (#76) artist in Byrdbored history during October as well.

Whitesnake has had a great couple of years since the release of their last new album, “Flesh & Blood” in May 2019. The album helped the guys rack up (552) points and score six Byrdy Dozen hits including the (#1) hit, “Hey You (You Make Me Rock)”. “Flesh & Blood” spent six weeks on top of the Albums chart and finished 2019 as the (#3) album of the year.

The end of October, Whitesnake released their 25th anniversary edition of “Restless Heart” which was originally released in 1996. However, it was never released in the United States. The album debuted at (#1) on the Vault Albums Chart and helped give the Rock group the points they needed to hit the minimum amount of points earned to be eligible for the Nest Of Fame. Whitesnake now have (2,054) points, and The Snake will now be on the hunt for the Nest Of Fame in the next few years. Whitesnake are now ranked as the (#57) artist in Byrdbored history.

Another band that has been getting close to the minimum amount of points needed for the Nest Of Fame are Duran Duran. The group did release their new album, “Future Past”, which peaked at (#10) in October. The album has also produced the (#6) hit single, “Invisible”, which peaked earlier in 2021. Despite what looks to be minor impact for the new album, Duran Duran’s past catalog does have some major hits that can earn some more points over the next year or so. Duran Duran does move up to the (#63) artist in Byrdbored history with (1,974) points all time.

The Foo Fighters have really made a killing in 2021 and scored a major Vault (#1) hit single with 2007’s “The Pretender” which spent two weeks on top. The song should finish the year as one of the top Vault Rock songs and their album, “Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace”, also peaked at (#3) during October 2021. The Foo Fighters were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame this year and have moved up to the (#77) artist in Byrdbored history with (1,661) points.

At the beginning of 2020, I set out on a mission to listen to all of George Strait’s albums from the very beginning. I have always liked King George, but admittedly have never listened to all of his early 1980’s albums. I generally didn’t listen to a ton of Country at that time. I can definitely say it is making an impact and his 1983 album, “Right Or Wrong”, hit (#1) on the Vault Albums Chart. King George has been slowly moving up the all-time artists list and has now hit (#88) as of October 2021. I would expect George Strait to continue his slow but steady move up Byrdbored in the coming years.

OneRepublic released their fifth studio album, “Human”, on August 27, 2021. The album peaked at (#4) for four weeks and has been a steady performer late this year. The album features “Run” which peaked at (#2) on the SongByrd 60 and is the third top five hit from “Human”. Ryan Tedder and company have really made an impact and seem to be gaining a ton of momentum with their past music as well. They have now moved to the (#110) artist in Byrdbored history with (1,125) points. With a strong new album and some great older music, I expect OneRepublic to continue their march up Byrdbored.

There is no doubt 2021 has been the year of Dua Lipa on Byrdbored. This young lady has torched her way up the Byrdbored charts with the front-runner for Album of the Year with “Future Nostalgia”. She has scored a total of seven hit singles on Byrdbored (including Vault hits) in the year. “Future Nostalgia” was certified 6x Platinum in October 2021 and is currently ranked as the (#123) album in Byrdbored history. The album is still currently in the top ten on the Albums chart and easily can make it’s way much higher on the list on into 2022. Dua Lipa has racked up (914) points so far in 2021 and is currently ranked (#133) in Byrdbored history. Her current top ten song is “Cool” and is her fifth hit from “Future Nostalgia”.

Darius Rucker is having a resurgence on Byrdbored led by his (#2) SongByrd 60 hit single, “My Masterpiece”. Rucker has also earned points on the Vault charts as his debut Country album, “Learn To Live”, hit (#1) on the Vault Albums Chart and produced the (#2) Vault Single, “History In The Making”. If Rucker releases a new album early in 2022 he could really get on a roll. Darius Rucker is currently ranked as the (#147) artist in Byrdbored history.

Be sure to check out the Byrd Notes category for any questions about the point & certification system along with info about how Byrdbored works or any updates about changes coming down the road.


Whitesnake become 61st Artist With 2,000 Points; Eligible For The Nest Of Fame

Before May of 2019 I would have thought there was no way that Whitesnake was headed for the Nest Of Fame. Not only were they not releasing anything new, but I really wasn’t listening to their past catalog of music either. However, May 10, 2019 changed all that.

The release of “Flesh & Blood” wasn’t expected to be a big deal for me, but upon one listen I knew I was wrong with that assumption. Not only did “Flesh & Blood” return Whitesnake to (#1) on the Byrdbored Albums Chart, but it spent six weeks on top. The album finished 2019 as the (#3) album of the year.

By the time the dust settled, “Flesh & Blood” helped Whitesnake score (552) total points including six Byrdy Dozen hits. Five were top five hits including the (#1) hit, “Hey You (You Make Me Rock)”, which spent two weeks on top. The Snake was back, and I was definitely listening to all their past music as well.

Even with all those points earned, Whitesnake was still short of (2,000) heading into 2021. However, the release of their 25th anniversary edition of “Restless Heart” took care of that. The album was never released in the states so it seems like another new album to me (although it is definitely believable as the follow up to “Slip Of The Tongue). I am not sure what “Restless Heart”will do going forward, but David Coverdale and the guys hit (#1) on the Vault Albums Chart which put the Rock group over the minimum amount of points needed. They currently sit at (2,054) and are ranked (#57) in Byrdbored history.

They still have some work to do in order to get to the automatic Nest Of Fame amount of (2,500) points (since they easily have their 20 years as a band covered). However, that amount now seems possible even if “Restless Heart” doesn’t earn a ton more points. They now have momentum with all their past music and should also receive more points on the Vault Charts even without “Restless Heart”. It might take a few more years for the Snake to get there, but I am sure David Coverdale will “have a song for you” (and me) in the coming years.

To be eligible for the Byrdbored Nest Of Fame, it must be at least 20 years since an artist’s debut album, and they must have earned a minimum of (2,000) Byrdbored points. An artist will be automatically inducted if they meet the 20 year requirement and earn (2,500) points. For details on how points are earned check out the Byrd Notes category on the site.


John Mayer – Sob Rock Byrdview

John Mayer is one of those artists that started with some songs I liked, but he has grown into one of my favorite artists. I have always been partial to guitar players so I guess it was inevitable. Mayer does a mix that is truly unique which I call “Blues Pop”, and it doesn’t matter how “average” his songs might start off sounding. Once you give his albums repeated listens all the songs are in your head for months.

“Sob Rock” got tons of media coverage upon it’s release focusing on a nostalgic “tribute” to the 1980’s. Although I do hear elements of the 1980’s it doesn’t strike me as anything glaringly similar to the decade. Maybe if I were a musician I would feel differently, but since I am just the average fanatical music nut I don’t hear anything that sounds “dated” or from any other decade. Actually, they all sound very fresh and flow really well from start to finish.

If there is anything negative I would say about “Sob Rock” it would be the length (38 minutes) and the fact that three songs from it were previously released (a long time ago). “New Light” was out in 2018, while “I Guess I Just Feel Like” and “Carry Me Away” were available in 2019. “New Light” peaked at (#2) on Byrdbored and is a really good addition to the Mayer collection, but I would have just preferred John add all those songs as bonus tracks and release ten completely new songs. I do admit those songs do fit the vibe of the album though, and Mayer is the professional so what does this music nut know? I selfishly just wanted more new music. You can just call me greedy Byrdman.

As far as the other seven tracks, “Last Train Home” is my favorite and spent four weeks at (#1). I have friends that are also John Mayer fans that don’t like it however. I am not sure what they are hearing, because it simply grew stronger with every listen. At first I thought it needed more guitar, but as I listened more and more I realized guitar in the gaps works even better. Once again, John is the professional, and he apparently knows what he is doing. “Last Train Home” is expected to finish in the top five songs of 2021 so that obviously speaks for itself.

The song that really has surprised me is “Wild Blue” which hit (#2) on the SongByrd 60 as of last week (for the week ending November 6, 2021). It could become another (#1) hit from the album for Mayer in the coming weeks, and it has grown into one of my favorites. I think I connect with the lyrics mostly and can relate to the realization of “finding myself when I lost you”. There definitely is “unlikely beauty” in letting someone go emotionally. Of course, there is the unreal guitar playing of Mayer which is like someone getting out of bed in the morning. Automatic!

Another song I most definitely relate to is “Shouldn’t Matter But It Does”. I think most people have had at least one relationship that for some reason it didn’t work, but it should have. This is a very simple song, but some of the best ones are. The production is an absolute grand slam on this one as well. The backing vocals and instrumentation are amazing and made the hair on my arms stand up the first time I heard this. I either have a condition I need to see a doctor for or the song connected. I hope it is the latter, but you never know.

Another couple of songs have some potential down the road as “Shot In The Dark” and “Til The Right One Comes” both are solid hits I believe. I don’t think they will be as big as the previous songs mentioned, but still very good songs that could grow on me as time goes by. After all, I didn’t think “Wild Blue” would be as big a hit initially either.

“Sob Rock” definitely has a smooth vibe, and I have found myself listening to it every week (a couple of times) for four months now. My immediate reaction was to downplay it, but after multiple listens I changed my mind. The album is filled with songs that grow on you, and if you aren’t careful might end up some of your favorite John Mayer songs.

The discussion of where “Sob Rock” might fall on the Mayer album list is interesting. I feel if you are someone like me that loves “Last Train Home” it could eventually be in your top three Mayer albums. However, if you aren’t a fan of “Last Train Home” it could be in the bottom three. From a hits perspective, it could spawn more hits than any other Mayer album. No album will beat “Continuum” for (#1) hits in my book (most likely) since it scored five. However, “Sob Rock” could end up with seven hit songs on Byrdbored. That is nothing to sneeze at. The album became Mayer’s fourth (#1) album on Byrdbored spending two weeks on top. It appears to be on it’s way into Mayer’s top four ranked albums at the very least.

The bottom line for you the music fan, however, is if you are a John Mayer fan I think most will like it. My biggest piece of advice would be not to judge “Sob Rock” too early though. If given a chance I think the album is a very solid piece of Mayer music history. It is chilled out and the title is very fitting, but I haven’t been sobbing uncontrollably since listening to it so that is good right? 4 Byrd Beaks!