Bryan Adams – So Happy It Hurts Byrdview

Bryan Adams has one of the most accomplished musical careers of anyone still making new music. One thing I have always admired about Adams is he always continues to release new music. Even if I don’t always love everything he has done in the last 20 years, I still love to see artists continue to make music. It is very important to me as a music fan to hear new songs from my favorite artists. Some fans are perfectly content to listen to their classic stuff, but the new music drives everything I do on Byrdbored since roughly 75% of the music I listen to is new (on average).

However, that makes an artist like Bryan Adams very difficult to review. His classic songs are so good that almost anything will be a disappointment at this point. Since I take that into account when I review a new album I might seem a bit harsh at times. It depends on your expectation as a fan I guess. If you expect Adams to beat his music in 1984 for instance, you will be left waiting I am afraid. That was just the perfect storm of time for Adams between 1983 through the mid-90s. Like most artists they have their prime peak years and most likely they will never top those songs (even with a huge fan of the artist).

Bryan’s last Platinum certified Byrdbored album was 2004’s “Room Service” which peaked at (#2) for four weeks and eventually hit (2x) Platinum. The album produced his last (#1) Byrdbored hit single, “Open Road”, until this year when his ballad, “You And I”, returned him to the top. Unfortunately, for the “So Happy It Hurts” album the recent (#1) hit isn’t on the album. It is featured on his “Pretty Woman – The Musical” Soundtrack. If he had included that (#1) hit on “So Happy It Hurts” we would be having a different review here entirely.

Since 2004’s album, “Room Service”, his albums haven’t been as solid in my opinion with a few top five hits happening occasionally. That actually helps “So Happy It Hurts” because I do think this is his best work since 2004’s “Room Service”. It is one of those albums that as a collective flows very well and has you bouncing your head a lot. No huge hit ballad which a great deal of fans may love about it. This fan loves his ballads, however, so that is a negative for me. I (at least) expect one huge ballad on every album, but I understand it might have been best for the flow of this album.

The title track was the lead single and is a bouncy diddy that is certainly catchy. It peaked in the top 20 of the SongByrd 60 which was disappointing, but I still like the tune quite a bit. The video is a strange one and a little rated “R” in places which left me scratching my head some since his mother is also in it? Odd combination, but Bryan has always marched to his own drummer. That is part of his success. Sometimes that train of thought has worked and sometimes it hasn’t, but it is always entertaining nonetheless.

Bryan then released a ton of individual videos without any real official singles which is the way of the world today. After listening to the album since March, however, I can understand that approach for this album. All the songs are good and as a collective they all sound solid together. I just have had issues picking out my favorite tracks which is not normally an issue on any Bryan Adam’s albums. My favorites by him usually jump out fairly fast. There are tons of good songs, however, and I will share some below so you can pick your favorites.

I just recently added “Let’s Do This” to J-BRD Radio which has become one of my favorites, but it took some time to decide. I truly like all of the songs on “So Happy It Hurts” which is always good. However, the negative to that is none of them have the “instant hit” sound to me that Adams generally has with at least a few of the songs on any of his albums. They all sound good as a collective, but it is harder to pick my favorites on this album possibly more than any album he has made.

As a huge fan of Adams (currently ranks as my #12 artist of all-time), I can say that a fan of Adams should give the album a listen. It is better than he has done in roughly 18 years, and it is a very enjoyable listen. It is mostly upbeat and fun, and it does have a few more rockers than he has been having of late. The album peaked at (#2) on Byrdbored and could actually get Adams back to Platinum status once again. Although I am giving Bryan some brownie points for the album being the best album he has made in 18 years, it still isn’t even close to his 1980’s and 1990’s peak. Therefore, I give “So Happy It Hurts” 3 Byrd Beaks! Better than his average album of the last 20 years, but it most likely won’t produce any huge hits on Byrdbored (which is still the name of the game after all). 😎

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Byrdnotes – New Page Byrdviews Summary

For the last year I have knocked around the need for a summary page for Byrdviews (reviews). At first there wasn’t enough to really recap, but they are starting to add up now since I have officially been at it since 2019. I think this would visually give subscribers something they could look at quickly rather than trying to find a specific Byrdview in the category. Someone could go to the Byrdviews Page and see the Byrd Beak rating and then search the site under the Byrdview category if they were interested in reading the entire write-up. It would particularly help if a subscriber was a big fan of a certain artist. They could see which artists had album reviews on the site and see the rating immediately to get a feel for if they should listen to or get more details about the new album. It will be similar to how the Certification Cage page summarizes the certified songs and albums for the month rather than someone reading through all the articles under the Certification Cage category.

I should have the page up and going soon. Hopefully it will add something extra for the ones interested. Keep flyin’ high Byrd heads!

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“Hysteria” Celebrates 35th Anniversary For Def Leppard Leading Certifications For Week Ending August 6, 2022

It was August 3rd, 1987 when Def Leppard’s “Hysteria” album first hit the world’s ears. That doesn’t seem possible to this old music fan, but it is true nonetheless. The album celebrates the 35th anniversary this week by returning to (#1) on the Vault 60 Albums Chart for a 46th overall week at (#1) on Byrdbored. The album is easily the (#1) album in Byrdbored history with the (46) weeks on top being a record along with the (142) weeks in the Byrdy Dozen. The album is certified (29x) Platinum with the additional week on top. Def Leppard possess four of the (44) Diamond certified albums in Byrdbored’s (41+) years. “Hysteria” ranks (#1), “Pyromania” sits at (#3), “Euphoria” remains in the top ten at (#9) and their 2015 self-titled “Def Leppard” album ranks (#25). They also have three more albums in the top 100 of all-time with “Adrenalize” at (#45), “X” at (#87) and “High ‘N’ Dry” at (#93). The Rock group have now cumulatively amassed (130x) Platinum with their album catalog.

Def Leppard also grab their 31st Platinum single of their career as their former (#1) SongByrd 60 hit, “Take What You Want”, drops to (#2) this week but still hits the Platinum mark for the guys from Sheffield. The song became the third straight (#1) from their new album, “Diamond Star Halos”, which was certified (2x) Platinum last week.

This week ZZ Top hit the top of the Vault 60 Singles Chart with “La Grange” to score their fifth overall (#1) hit. The song is certified Platinum and is also the guys fifth Platinum single in their career. The passing of bassist, Dusty Hill, has certainly given the group more of a profile on Byrdbored in the last year and should help them continue to earn points on the Vault Charts. They currently rank as the (#76) artist in Byrdbored history with (1,754) points.

Tears For Fears are certainly hot again on Byrdbored and their 1985 hit, “Shout”, re-enters the Byrdy Dozen at (#7) on the Vault Singles Chart to be certified Platinum. The song originally hit (#1) in 1985. Tears For Fears releasing new music in 2022 has certainly helped their momentum especially since a new hit, “My Demons”, hit the top five of the SongByrd 60 this week. Their 1985 album, “Songs From The Big Chair”, also re-enters the top five on the Vault Albums Chart at (#5). It originally peaked at (#3) for three weeks and has been certified Platinum.

For more details on Byrdbored certifications check out the Certification Cage page. It details all the songs and albums that have been certified since the beginning of the site in 2019.


Def Leppard Return To Top Of SongByrd 60 Artists Chart

For a seventh non-consecutive week this year, Def Leppard are the top artist on Byrdbored. The group’s latest (#1) album, “Diamond Star Halos”, and their 35th anniversary of their classic album, “Hysteria”, combine for an unstoppable musical tornado. Their former (#1) single, “Take What You Want” does drop from the top down to (#2) on the SongByrd 60 as does the album, “Diamond Star Halos”. However, “Hysteria”, blasts from (#19) to (#1) on the Vault 60 Albums Chart giving it a 46th non-consecutive week on top of Byrdbored. The guys also chart their 13th Byrdy Dozen album as their 1996 album, “Slang”, enters at (#9) for it’s first week in the Byrdy Dozen.

Journey drop after four weeks on top of the chart, but they don’t fall far only down to (#2). The band continue to have two top five albums with their new release, “Freedom”, sitting at (#4) on the SongByrd 60 and “Escape” at (#3) on the Vault 60. Journey also chart two of the top three Vault singles this week as “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” moves up one spot to (#2) and “Who’s Crying Now” which drops from the top to (#3) after four weeks at (#1).

Imagine Dragons use major momentum by controlling both SongByrd 60 charts to jump from (#6) to (#3). Their latest single, “Sharks”, scores the group their tenth overall (#1) hit and their new album, “Mercury Act 2”, gives the guys their fifth straight (#1) album. Shinedown remain at (#4) as their new album, “Planet Zero”, moves back up the SongByrd 60 Albums Chart to (#3). Ronnie Dunn drops two notches down to (#5) after his High Flyin’ Debut Album, “100 Proof Neon”, hit (#4) last week but drops to (#6) in it’s second week.

Carrie Underwood remains fairly strong overall moving up one spot to (#6) followed by Blackhawk who dip two slots down to (#7). Chicago remain steady at (#8) with their top five Vault album, “Chicago 16”. Alana Springsteen continues to gain steam moving up two notches to (#9) with her latest album, “History Of Breaking Up (Part Two)”, up to a new peak at (#8) on the SongByrd 60. Luke Combs stays put at (#10) followed by the hot Tears For Fears who bolt from (#15) to (#11). This week Tears For Fears score their fourth top five hit as “My Demons” blasts from (#9) to (#4) on the SongByrd 60 and their classic 1980’s hit, “Shout”, re-enters the Vault Byrdy Dozen at (#7). Jason Aldean rounds out the Byrdy Dozen remaining at (#12).

Shania Twain capitalizes on her Netflix documentary release last week to enter the chart at (#13) for her first appearance on the chart (since it only began in 2020). Twain re-enters the Byrdy Dozen on the Vault Albums Chart with both “Come On Over” at (#2) and “Up!” at (#11). Her 1995 album, “The Woman In Me”, also enters the Vault 60 Albums Chart at (#37). Twain’s massive 2002 hit single, “I’m Gonna Getcha Good!”, also re-enters the Byrdy Dozen on the Vault 60 Singles Chart at (#12).

Eric Church moves up seven places to (#14) thanks in part to his fifth Country (#1) song as “Russian Roulette” jumps from (#6) to (#3) on the SongByrd 60. Church also enters the Vault 60 Albums Chart with his 2009 release, “Carolina”, at (#14). Bryan Adams also gets a second wind leaping from (#39) to (#16) as his new J-BRD Radio single, “On A Night Like Tonight”, climbs to (#28) on the SongByrd 60. His album, “Pretty Woman – The Musical”, also jumps from (#32) to (#21) and his “So Happy It Hurts” album re-enters the SongByrd 60 at (#40). Adams peaked at (#1) on the chart earlier this year upon the release of both new efforts.

Ghost re-enter the chart at (#23) thanks to their new single, “Spillways”, which is the High Flyin’ Debut Hit of the Week coming in at (#49) on the SongByrd 60. It is also the FireByrd Hit Single of the Week and helps send their new album, “Impera”, back up the SongByrd 60 Albums Chart from (#44) to (#17). The album peaked at (#2) earlier this year and has been certified Gold.

The ByrdTrax volume bounces back up to (1,440) song plays which is closer to the (1,448) spins the week ending July 23, 2022. Last week the total was slightly down to (1,397). The 2022 weekly average is closing in on an insane (1,300) song spins per week but currently sits at (1,297). The Vault % has a bounce back up to 25% which is the 2022 yearly Vault % average.

(For the week ending August 6, 2022)


ZZ Top, Def Leppard Secure Top Spots On Vault 60 Charts

Last week ZZ Top landed their third (#1) album as “Tres Hombres” celebrated it’s 49th anniversary of it’s release on top of the Vault Albums Chart. This week the legends celebrate their fifth (#1) overall single as “La Grange” hits the top of the Vault 60 Singles Chart. The 1973 hit had peaked at (#2) on the Vault 60 Singles Chart last year not long after the passing of bassist, Dusty Hill, but got an extra boost with the release of the group’s “RAW” album. The album doesn’t contain any new songs, however the extended live version of “La Grange” certainly makes a difference. Their album, “Tres Hombres”, drops from the top of the Vault Albums Chart down to (#6) after one week on top, and the guys sit at (#26) on the SongByrd 60 Artists Chart.

Much like last week, an album anniversary can be huge on the Vault Charts. This week Def Leppard celebrate the 35th anniversary of their “Hysteria” release and without any shock at all re-enter the Byrdy Dozen at (#1) on the Vault 60 Albums Chart. It is the 46th non-consecutive week for “Hysteria” at (#1) on a Byrdbored album chart and pushes the album to (29x) Platinum. The album easily ranks as the top album in Byrdbored history also spending (142) weeks in the Byrdy Dozen. Def Leppard return to the top of the SongByrd 60 Artists Chart for a seventh non-consecutive week largely due to the “Hysteria” album and their 1996 album, “Slang”, which had never hit the Byrdy Dozen until this week. It comes in at (#9) on the Vault Albums Chart. “Slang” gives Def Leppard (13) Byrdy Dozen albums overall.

Back on the Vault 60 Singles Chart, Journey move from (#3) to (#2) with “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)”, but they drop from the top spot with “Who’s Crying Now” down to (#3) after four straight weeks at (#1). Despite falling from the top, “Who’s Crying Now” moves up to the (#18) song in Byrdbored history. Heart’s “Barracuda” drops from (#2) to (#4) and Billy Joel also dips one notch to (#5) with “Only The Good Die Young”. Genesis stay put at (#6) with “Abacab” for a second week.

There are three re-entries into the Vault Byrdy Dozen as Tears For Fears continue to ride their momentum as “Shout” blasts from (#18) to (#7). The hit originally hit (#1) back in 1985 and is certified Platinum this week. Def Leppard re-enter with “Animal” at (#11) after a brief drop out of the Byrdy Dozen last week. The hit currently ranks as the (#1) song in Byrdbored history, and certainly got a slight bump up thanks to the 35th anniversary of the “Hysteria” album. Shania Twain also gets a re-entry thanks to her recent Netflix documentary release as “I’m Gonna Getcha Good!” hits (#12). The song originally hit (#1) in 2002 for seven weeks and is one of Twain’s five Diamond certified singles. “I’m Gonna Getcha Good!” moves up to the (#72) song in Byrdbored history.

This week there is only one true debut as George Strait’s “It Ain’t Cool To Be Crazy About You” jumps from (#17) to (#9) on the Vault Singles Chart. It is the first week for the newly crowned Vault Country (#1) song as Strait’s 1980’s catalog continues to receive listens this year. Strait currently ranks as the (#79) artist in Byrdbored history but continues to climb thanks to Vault Charts. It is Strait’s 14th Byrdy Dozen hit single.

The Vault 60 Albums Chart has a very rare occurrence as the (#1) and (#2) albums in Byrdbored history also sit in those same spots on the Vault Albums Chart. Def Leppard’s “Hysteria” celebrates a 35th anniversary at (#1), but Shania Twain’s “Come On Over” also takes advantage of her Netflix documentary to re-enter the Byrdy Dozen at (#2). Twain also enters the SongByrd 60 Artists Chart for the first time (since the chart only began in 2020) at (#13). The “Come On Over” album has spent a total of (33) weeks at (#1) and spends a 116th week in the Byrdy Dozen. The album has been certified (22x) Platinum. Twain also has her follow-up album, “Up!”, re-enter the Byrdy Dozen at (#11) on the Vault Albums Chart.

Elsewhere on the Vault 60 Albums Chart, Journey’s “Escape” remains strong but drops one notch to (#3). Chicago suffers the same fate with “Chicago 16” sliding one slot to (#4). Tears For Fears take advantage of their top ten Vault Single, “Shout”, and see their “Songs From The Big Chair” album blast from (#11) to (#5). The album peaked at (#3) for three weeks in 1985. ZZ Top’s “Tres Hombres” slips from the top down to (#6) after one week on top.

(For the week ending August 6, 2022)

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Imagine Dragons Take Control Of SongByrd 60

This week Imagine Dragons show they certainly have some gas left in the tank after nearly a decade on the charts. The guys land their tenth (#1) single as “Sharks” moves from (#2) to the top in only it’s fifth week in the Byrdy Dozen. The hit tune also helps the group jump from (#5) to (#1) on the SongByrd 60 Albums Chart with “Mercury Act 2” to become their fifth chart-topping album in a row. Their debut album, “Night Visions”, remains their only major label release to not hit the top peaking at (#2). Imagine Dragons leap from (#6) to (#3) on the SongByrd 60 Artists Chart. The band hit (#1) on that chart during 2021 the week their previous album, “Mercury Act 1”, hit (#1) on the SongByrd 60 Albums Chart.

Last week’s (#1) single, “Take What You Want”, from Def Leppard drops to (#2) but retains the top Rock song for a third straight week. It is Def Leppard’s third consecutive (#1) hit from their former (#1) album, “Diamond Star Halos”. “Take What You Want” is the band’s 31st overall (#1) single and their 31st Platinum certified hit. Def Leppard also jump back to (#1) on the SongByrd 60 Artists Chart largely thanks to the 35th anniversary of their classic album, “Hysteria”, which re-enters the Vault 60 Albums Chart at (#1) for a 46th non-consecutive week. It is the seventh non-consecutive week for Def Leppard on top of the Artists Chart.

This week there is a great deal of movement within the Byrdy Dozen. Eric Church shoots from (#6) to (#3) with “Russian Roulette” to score his fifth Country (#1) single. The new J-BRD Radio hit is only Church’s second top five single with his first being 2012’s “Springsteen” which peaked at (#2). Tears For Fears land their first top five hit since 1985 as “My Demons” blasts from (#9) to (#4) and is the (#3) FireByrd single of the week. Their last top five hit was “Head Over Heels” which peaked at (#5). Tears For Fears also jump into the Byrdy Dozen on the SongByrd 60 Artists Chart leaping from (#15) to (#11). John Mayer picks up yet another top five hit (which is his 20th overall) with “Shot In The Dark” leaping from (#8) to (#5). It is Mayer’s fifth top five from his former (#1) album, “Sob Rock”.

Jimmie Allen moves from (#11) to (#6) with his biggest hit yet, “Down Home”, which should be challenging for the top Country song in coming weeks. “Down Home” is the (#4) FireByrd hit of the week. MercyMe spend their fourth straight week with the top Christian Contemporary song, “Blessed”, which jumps from (#12) to (#7). Keith Urban also moves up two more notches to (#8) with his latest, “Brown Eyes Baby”. Orianthi scores her 18th overall Byrdy Dozen hit as “Light It Up” bolts from (#20) to (#11). The hit is the (#2) FireByrd single and should be headed toward the top of the chart in the coming weeks.

The top FireByrd Hit Single of the Week is “Spillways” from Ghost which also has the rare distinction of also being the High Flyin’ Debut Single coming in at (#49). The band’s album, “Impera”, is the FireByrd Album of the Week (as well as the Big Byrd Mover) jumping from (#44) to (#17) on the SongByrd 60 Albums Chart. The album peaked at (#2) earlier this year during the run of their last single, “Call Me Little Sunshine”, peaking in the top 20. “Impera” has been certified Gold. Ghost also re-enter the SongByrd 60 Artists Chart at (#23), but they peaked at (#6) on the chart earlier this year.

The Big Byrd Mover Single of the Week is Pop Evil’s “Eye Of The Storm” which blasts from (#51) to (#39). The Rock group will be pushing for their 17th Byrdy Dozen hit single if the hit can continue to gain steam and move up the SongByrd 60. “Eye Of The Storm” is also the (#9) FireByrd Single of the Week. Their last Byrdy Dozen hit was 2018’s “A Crime To Remember” which peaked at (#12). Pop Evil have scored seven (#1) hit singles and four (#1) albums since 2008.

Following Imagine Dragons on the SongByrd 60 Albums Chart is Def Leppard’s “Diamond Star Halos” at (#2) which spent a fourth non-consecutive week on top last week to be certified (2x) Platinum. Shinedown jump back up from (#6) to (#3) with “Planet Zero” which is a former (#1) album. Journey slide another notch down to (#4) with “Freedom” followed by Blackhawk’s “Blue Highway” down three spots to (#5). There are no debuts in the Byrdy Dozen, but “The Tipping Point” by Tears For Fears does re-enter to hit a new peak at (#11) thanks to their (#4) hit single, “My Demons”.

(For the week ending August 6, 2022)

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Crown The Empire Score First Byrdbored (#1) Hit With “Blurry (Out Of Place)” This Week In 2020!

Crown The Empire would spend their first of four weeks on top of the Byrdbored Singles Chart with “Blurry (Out Of Place)” this week two years ago. The song was the group’s first hit on Byrdbored and has been certified Diamond. “Blurry (Out Of Place)” finished 2020 as the (#2) song of the year behind only AC/DC’s “Shot In The Dark”.

Buy/stream/download the new album “Sudden Sky” here: https://smarturl.it/suddensky

AR Hologram Experience on JADU app: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/jadu-pe…
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‘New Sensation’ by INXS: here’s the story behind the song

Before it was a smash hit in 1988, there was a time when INXS’ “New Sensation” seemed like it came “from outer space,” according to its co-writer.
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Top Flights – July 2022

There wasn’t much doubt who the top artist of July was. Journey racked up (603) song plays during the five weeks (8% of total plays) with 62% coming from their new (#1) album, “Freedom”, which spent three weeks on top. Journey also led in points earned with (299) for July. The album scored another top five hit as “You Got The Best Of Me” hit (#3) for two weeks. The band’s first top five hit from “Freedom” was “The Way We Used To Be” which hit (#2) in 2021. The group has now charted (23) top five hits overall. Journey’s “Freedom” gave the band their eighth (#1) album in Byrdbored history and helped Journey move back up to the (#13) artist in Byrdbored history.

Obviously, the other 38% of Journey songs played were from their classic Vault music. “Who’s Crying Now” would spend the last four weeks of July on top of the Vault Singles Chart as the song climbed to the (#19) song in Byrdbored history by the end of the month. Last month, “Don’t Stop Believin’” started it’s charge up the all-time list and in July it moved into the (#16) song in Byrdbored history. Both songs are taken from the 1981 classic Journey album, “Escape”, which also continues to march into Byrdbored history. The album has moved up to (#54) thanks to eleven non-consecutive weeks at (#1) and is closing in on being the group’s third Diamond certified album. Their first two are 1983’s “Frontiers” which is currently ranked (#14) and 1986’s “Raised On Radio” which is currently ranked at (#30). There are (44) Diamond certified albums in Byrdbored history.

The second most played artist (along with earning the second most points) was Shinedown who landed their fifth (#1) album, “Planet Zero”. The album has already produced one of the top ten songs of 2022 (so far) with the title track hitting (#1). Their J-BRD Radio follow-up hit, “The Saints Of Violence And Innuendo”, also hit (#1) on the SongByrd 60 Singles Chart to give the guys their 14th chart-topping single. Shinedown scored (505) song spins while earning (212) points in the month. Their 2008 album, “The Sound Of Madness”, hit (#1) for another week on the Vault Albums Chart for a ninth non-consecutive week and continues it’s climb to a possible Diamond certified status. The album is currently ranked at (#49) in Byrdbored history. The title track to the album also moved to the (#118) song in Byrdbored history and is one of only (287) Diamond certified singles in 41+ years of Byrdbored.

Imagine Dragons would come in third place in July with (386) song plays and (166) points earned. So far the band’s streak of (#1) albums has come to an end, however, with their latest effort, “Mercury Act 2”, peaking at (#2). That could always change as the calendar quickly moves to August as the band could score their tenth (#1) single, “Sharks”, this coming week (August 6th). If that does happen the album could receive a boost as well and give the guys their fifth straight (#1) album following their debut album, “Night Visions”, which peaked at (#2) and was roughly released ten years ago. Imagine Dragons have certainly racked up the points in their short ten years scoring (2,619) points and currently being ranked as the (#39) artist in Byrdbored history.

After their absolute domination of Byrdbored the last two months, Def Leppard did have a humbling but respectable July. The guys were the fourth most played artist with (350) spins and earned the ninth most points with (107). Def Leppard also increased their lead over Keith Urban for the all-time artist in Byrdbored history picking up (87) more points than Urban. Def Leppard now have a (1,136) point lead over the Australian artist. Def Leppard have racked up (517) points in the last three months largely thanks to their new (#1) album, “Diamond Star Halos”, which returned to the top for a fourth non-consecutive week the last week of July. The album returned to the top mostly due to their third straight (#1) single from the album, “Take What You Want”. The group now have (31) overall (#1) singles since 1981 and twelve (#1) albums. Def Leppard have received (1,431) song spins since the release of “Diamond Star Halos” with (874) directly credited to the new effort. Their classic 1983 hit, “Photograph”, also moved to the (#15) song in Byrdbored history during July.

The fifth most played artist of July was certainly a surprise as the Country trio known as Blackhawk made their return. The trio released their latest album, “Blue Highway”, which contains songs recorded in 1992 before the group hit it big on Country Radio in 1994. Henry Paul, Dave Robbins and Van Stephenson made a very special trio in Country history and scored their 21st top five hit single, “Baby The Rain Must Fall”, the last week of July. It is also their 15th Country (#1) hit. Their new album has peaked at (#2) for two weeks and gives the trio their eighth Gold album including five (#1) releases. The guys have charted (24) Byrdy Dozen hit singles and despite Van Stephenson’s passing in 2001 have left a very lasting memory on Byrdbored charts. They were inducted into the Nest Of Fame in 2016 and are currently ranked as the (#26) artist in Byrdbored history.

The rest of the Byrdy Dozen most played artists included Carrie Underwood at (#6), Chicago at (#7), Luke Combs at (#8), Jimmie Allen at (#9), Alana Springsteen at (#10), Cody Johnson at (#11) and The Warning at (#12). Underwood landed her second Platinum certified album with her latest effort, “Denim & Rhinestones”, which hit (#1) on the SongByrd 60 Albums Chart. Chicago released their latest album, “Born For This Moment”, which peaked at (#6) and also scored their fifth (#1) album as “Chicago 16” would hit (#1) on the Vault Albums Chart. Chicago also earned the fifth most points in July. The group is now closing in on possibly grabbing a Nest Of Fame induction with (2,350) points through July, and they are currently ranked as the (#52) artist in Byrdbored history.

The Country section of July did feature a heavy hitter with Combs, but the others are very new Country artists in the scheme of things. Combs recently landed his third top five album with “Growin’ Up” peaking at (#4) and he scored (214) song spins in July. Jimmie Allen landed his second Byrdy Dozen hit single as “Down Home” moved to (#11) the last week of July. His new album, “Tulip Drive”, peaked at (#9) on the SongByrd 60 Albums Chart and he also hit (#8) on the SongByrd 60 Artists Chart during July. Alana Springsteen released her new EP, “History Of Breaking Up (Part Two)”, and it peaked at (#9). She has already grabbed a top ten hit single, “I Blame You”, earlier in 2022 and appears to be primed for another one, “Me Myself And Why”, which sits at (#16) on the SongByrd 60 the last week of July. Cody Johnson has actually been around a long time, but scored his first-ever hit single, “‘Til You Can’t”, which spent two weeks at (#1) on the SongByrd 60 in July. Johnson also earned the 12th most points in July with (89) and landed a top ten album at (#7) with “Human: The Double Album”.

Heart received the fourth most points in July as their 1977 hit, “Barracuda”, received new life on the Vault 60 Singles Chart sitting at (#2) to end the month. Their 1977 album, “Little Queen”, also entered the Vault Albums Chart for the first time hitting (#5). “Barracuda” could become the band’s second Diamond certified single in the coming weeks. Heart were inducted into the Nest Of Fame in 2011 and are currently ranked as the (#48) artist in Byrdbored history.

For King & Country scored their fifth top five album as “Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong” hit (#4) on the Vault Albums Chart. The Christian Duo racked up the sixth most points in July with (133) also landing the top five hit single, “Fix My Eyes”, peaking at (#3) on the Vault Singles Chart.

The remaining Byrdy Dozen point earners for July are Ronnie Dunn at (#7), Billy Joel at (#8), Def Leppard at (#9), Styx at (#10), Jimmie Allen at (#11) and Cody Johnson at (#12). Ronnie Dunn landed his fourth solo top five album since 2011 with “100 Proof Neon” coming in at (#4). Billy Joel continued a possible march to the Nest Of Fame with his seventh top five album, “The Bridge”, hitting (#5) on the Vault Albums Chart. He also hit the top five with “Only The Good Die Young” on the Vault Singles Chart at (#4). Styx became the 63rd artist in Byrdbored history to hit (2,000) or more points landing their seventh top five album, “Equinox”, peaking at (#4) on the Vault Albums Chart. The album contains the (#7) Vault single, “Suite Madame Blue”. They are now eligible for the Nest Of Fame.

Speaking of the Nest Of Fame, Genesis ended the month as the 64th artist to receive (2,000) or more points and are now eligible for the Nest Of Fame. The group scored their sixth Byrdy Dozen album as “Abacab” hit (#7) on the Vault Albums chart. The title track from the album also blasted from (#12) to (#6) on the Vault Singles Chart. Genesis earned the 14th most points during July.

Be sure to check out the Byrd Notes category for any questions about the point & certification system along with info about how Byrdbored works (or any updates about changes coming down the road).


Genesis Become 64th Artist To Earn 2,000 Points; Eligible For Nest Of Fame

As of the week ending July 30, 2022, Genesis become the 64th artist to earn 2,000 Byrdbored points, and they are now eligible for the Nest Of Fame. Genesis was simply one of my favorite 1980’s and early 1990’s artists scoring the massive (#1) album, “Invisible Touch”, in 1986. The album has been certified (7x) Platinum and spent five weeks on top in 1986 and 1987. The title track went (#1) for five weeks on the singles chart along with “Land Of Confusion” which also spent five weeks on top. The album produced three other top five hits with “In Too Deep” hitting (#4) and “Throwing It All Away” and “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight” peaking at (#5).

Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks had yet another huge album in 1991 with “We Can’t Dance”. The album peaked at (#1) for eight weeks and has been certified (6x) Platinum. The album spawned another three (#1) hits with “No Son Of Mine”, “I Can’t Dance” and “Jesus He Knows Me”. “Hold On My Heart” peaked at (#6) while “Never A Time” hit (#8).

However, until the Vault Charts were re-introduced in 2020, a great deal of Genesis music from the 1970’s and early 1980’s had not charted. It has certainly made a difference with three more albums charting in the last couple of years and the guys scoring two more (#1) songs with “Misunderstanding” and “Follow You Follow Me”. Genesis have scored nine (#1) singles and three (#1) albums, but should continue to have Vault success despite their retirement. Genesis have currently earned (2,020) points and ranks as the (#64) artist in Byrdbored history. Phil Collins is already a member of the Nest Of Fame as part of the 2021 class and could become the first member to make the Nest Of Fame as a solo act and as a member of a group.

To be eligible for the Byrdbored Nest Of Fame, it must be at least 20 years since an artist’s debut album, and they must have earned a minimum of (2,000) Byrdbored points. An artist will be automatically inducted if they meet the 20-year requirement and earn (2,500) points. For details on how many points are earned check out the Byrd Notes category on the site. Also, check out the artists that have already been inducted on the Nest Of Fame page.


Eric Church’s “Doing Life With Me” Officially Announced As His Next Single | Whiskey Riff

Well Eric Church already spoiled the news, but now it’s officially official. During a show in Portland, Oregon back in April, Chief dropped the news on the crowd that “Doing Life With Me” would be his next single. At the time, his current single “Heart on Fire” was still climbing the charts so we knew it would
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