Shinedown Grabs Their Sixth Straight #1 Song from “Attention Attention”!

Shinedown has had an incredible run the past year or so.  Their latest album, “Attention Attention”, has been on the Byrdbored Blast Albums chart for 73 straight weeks and has spent 17 weeks at #1.  The album has now produced six straight #1 Byrdbored Singles with “Devil” (7 weeks – #1 tune of 2018), “The Human Radio” (4 weeks), “Get Up” (1 week), “Kill Your Conscience” (1 week), “Monsters” (3 weeks – potential #1 for 2019) and this week “Black Soul” jumps to the top on the Byrdbored Blast Singles chart.

Last week’s #1, “Drifting”, by Adelitas Way falls to #2 followed by the prior week’s #1 tune, “Miracle Pill” by the Goo Goo Dolls at #3.  Collective Soul leaps three notches to #4 with “Over Me” and Jason Aldean takes his latest single, “We Back”, up to #5 this week.

There were two debuts on the singles chart this week with Seven Past Sunset landing their second Byrdy Dozen hit, “Chasing You”, landing at #11.  Seven Past Sunset has now become the front-runner for the “Welcome Aboard” new artist for 2019, and “Chasing You” might be even bigger than their first top five hit, “Overwhelmed”.  John Mayer came in at #12 this week with his latest, “Carry Me Away”.

The Goo Goo Dolls returned to the top spot on the Byrdbored Blast Albums chart with their new album, “Miracle Pill”, spending its second non-consecutive week on top.  At #2 is last week’s top album, “The Story’s Not Over”, by Jeremy Camp followed by “Live Love Life” by Adelitas Way at #3.  Collective Soul’s latest top five hit single helped their new album, “Blood”, jump back up into the top five at #4, and Shinedown, once again, is in the top five with their 12 times platinum certified album, “Attention Attention”, largely thanks to their new #1 single.  Listen to the latest #1 hit below….

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REO Speedwagon Tops Byrdbored This Week in 1985 With “Can’t Fight This Feeling”

This very week in 1985, REO Speedwagon ruled Byrdbored with one of the best ballads of the 1980’s.  “Can’t Fight This Feeling” would spend six weeks on top of the Byrdbored Blast Singles chart and finish 1985 as the #2 song of the year behind only “Out of Touch” by Hall & Oates.  “Can’t Fight This Feeling” is currently ranked #98 in Byrdbored history.  Enjoy a look back at 1985 and REO…..

Can't Fight This Feeling REO Speedwagon
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Nest of Fame – Bon Jovi (2006)

In a universe that doesn’t have Def Leppard in it, Bon Jovi would be my favorite artist of all time. The band’s brand of positive, energetic and infectious songs have always seemed to be a staple of Byrdbored. Jon Bon Jovi’s devilish grin makes the ladies melt, and the band still rocks enough that guys love them too. They currently are second in points with 6,720 and were inducted into the Byrdbored Nest of Fame in 2005. Some of my most fond memories are of Bon Jovi music, and I am going to attempt to explain what the band has meant to me over the years. It was a slow start, but Bon Jovi has shown you can’t keep a band of brothers from achieving their musical dreams.

Since Byrdbored began in 1981, there have been few bands that have made the impact of Bon Jovi. Although at first, I wasn’t sure they would be that big. Everyone remembers 1984 and the hit “Runaway”. It was their first of twenty-three #1 songs on Byrdbored so far. There was no doubt that “Runaway” was a #1 Byrdbored hit. However, I was really disappointed with the follow up album, “7800 Fahrenheit”, which produced no #1 hits with “In And Out Of Love” peaking at #3 and dropped pretty fast on the Byrdbored singles chart. The album is still their lowest charting, as well, peaking at #5 and not even being certified gold. Needless to say, at that point I feared that “Runaway” might be their only top hit for me.

Obviously, that was not the end of the story for Jon and the guys. 1986 brought the album, “Slippery When Wet”, and it immediately rocked Byrdbored like the rest of the world. If I had a chart for the songs that I played air guitar to the most, “You Give Love A Bad Name” would definitely be very high on that list. “Slippery When Wet” produced three songs in the top 100 Byrdbored songs of all-time with “You Give Love A Bad Name” currently at #8, “Livin’ On A Prayer” currently at #15, and “Wanted Dead Or Alive” currently at #42. The album would spend 23 weeks on top of the Byrdbored Blast Albums chart and over two years (116 weeks) on the chart. The chemistry on this album was undeniable, and the guys had become the biggest rock band on the planet to a lot of people. The album currently has sold over 28,000,000 worldwide!

When an artist has that much success with an album, the obvious question is can they do it again? Two words proved they definitely could as “Bad Medicine”, the first single from their next album “New Jersey”, blasted onto radio in September of 1988 and picked up right where their prior hits left off. The tune would spend four weeks on top of Byrdbored and is currently ranked #31 all-time. Although “New Jersey” is not ranked as high as “Slippery When Wet” on Byrdbored, it still spent 14 weeks at #1 on my albums chart and 86 weeks on the chart overall. “New Jersey” is currently ranked #18 in Byrdbored history and produced four #1 songs, “Bad Medicine”, “Born To Be My Baby”, “Lay Your Hands On Me” and “I’ll Be There For You”. The album has sold a lower, but still amazing total of 18,000,000 worldwide.

By the end of the 1980’s it had become very apparent to me that Def Leppard and Bon Jovi were in a two-band race for my favorite artist. Def Leppard had produced “Pyromania” and “Hysteria” while Bon Jovi had flexed their musical muscles with “Slippery When Wet” and “New Jersey”. It was very close, and it depended on which day you asked me which was my favorite. I remember thinking at the time that the next album each band produced might make the difference.

Before Bon Jovi dropped another album, Jon Bon Jovi released a solo track from the Young Guns II Soundtrack called “Blaze Of Glory”. It was very similar to “Wanted Dead or Alive” to me, but it ended up hitting #1 and the band still plays the song live quite often.

1992’s “Keep The Faith” album was a very good album, in my opinion, but it couldn’t capture the huge hits that Bon Jovi’s previous two albums had. Despite that, it still contained three more #1 songs in “Keep The Faith”, “Bed Of Roses” and “In These Arms” while scoring another #1 album for the band. “Keep The Faith” is currently ranked #93 all-time on Byrdbored and spent nine weeks at #1 while almost spending a year on the chart (48 weeks). “Keep The Faith” was considered a slight departure for Bon Jovi from their 1980’s sound, and in many ways it was. However, it is still an album I listen to and actually have grown to enjoy it more today than possibly at the time.

Now it was time for a greatest hits package for Bon Jovi which included the #2 Byrdbored hit, “Always”, which I must say was one of their best ballads they may have ever recorded. If you want to make your special lady melt, “Always” is a go-to song with great vocals from Jon Bon Jovi. It is my second favorite ballad by the guys behind only “(You Want To) Make A Memory)”. I will get to that song a little later. I would say most Bon Jovi fans would say “I’ll Be There For You’, but I never said I was a normal Bon Jovi fan.

After three straight #1 albums, Bon Jovi ran into some difficulty in 1995. For many reasons, “These Days” just didn’t become the huge hit that Bon Jovi was now used to. Some of this might have been the musical landscape moving on from bands like Bon Jovi in favor of rock bands like Collective Soul, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden and many others. However, I personally believe the frictions between the band and particularly Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambori were coming to a head. The music just didn’t have the chemistry we had heard on the previous three albums, and the songs were not as good. The album produced only one Byrdbored hit single, “This Ain’t A Love Song”, which only peaked at #3. “These Days” also became only one of three Bon Jovi albums to not hit, at least, Platinum on Byrdbored. The album peaked at #2 on Byrdbored and didn’t sell as well (at least in the United States).

Like many good things in life, sometimes a break isn’t the worst thing. I compare Bon Jovi’s hiatus between “These Days” and 2000’s “Crush” to Michael Jordan’s first retirement from the Chicago Bulls. It helped Jordan re-charge his batteries and get back to basics and his love for the game. For Bon Jovi, the time apart seemed to ease the reported frictions in the band and they came back ready to blast back on the music scene. Jon Bon Jovi’s comments about boy bands also gave me a laugh or two as he stated that all popular music could come up with (while they had been away) were boy bands, and that Bon Jovi was a “man band”. Byrdbored was getting ready to be rocked again by Bon Jovi!

Even though the new album, “Crush”, would not hit #1 on Byrdbored, it still generated the band’s biggest hit since “Bad Medicine” in 1988. “It’s My Life” was (and still is) an addictive classic Bon Jovi track that brought the band back in a huge way. They revisited Tommy and Gina from “Livin’ On A Prayer” and also landed on top of the Byrdbored Singles chart once again. “It’s My Life” is currently the fifth biggest hit the band has ever had on Byrdbored behind only “You Give Love A Bad Name”, “Livin’ On A Prayer”, “Bad Medicine” and “Wanted Dead Or Alive”. Although “It’s My Life” was the only top hit from “Crush”, the album did crank out four other Byrdy Dozen songs in “One Wild Night”, “Just Older”, “Thank You For Loving Me” and “Say It Isn’t So”. Bon Jovi was back on Byrdbored and 2000 definitely started a second wave of Jovi Hits. In many ways, “It’s My Life” might have been the catalyst for the Nest of Fame.

In 2001, everyone’s life changed with 9/11 and Jon Bon Jovi stated that their next album, “Bounce”, would be influenced by the tragedy. 2002’s “Bounce” would actually see Bon Jovi get back to #1 on the Byrdbored Blast Albums chart for the first time since 1992’s “Keep The Faith”. It spent four weeks on top and produced five Byrdy Dozen hit singles including the #1 hit “Everyday”. Although Bounce didn’t seem to have the same impact on the real world of music as “Crush” did, I really felt the album was a solid effort and still play the album to this day. I still believe it is slightly better than “Crush” overall, but just didn’t have “It’s My Life” on it.

2004 would see a tribute to 100,000,000 total albums sold with a collection of B-sides named “100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be Wrong”. The collection would land at #1 on Byrdbored once again and actually contained some intriguing tracks. “Miss Fourth of July” would be the only Byrdy Dozen single from the collection, but I loved the fact that the band had so many solid B-side tracks. It is the kind of album that could get some Byrdbored Vault chart action starting in 2020. I really didn’t have time to really sink my musical teeth into this collection, because the next new album would drop in 2005.

In my opinion, Bon Jovi would record their best album since “Keep The Faith” in 2005 with “Have a Nice Day”. The title track would blast in with so much attitude and Jovi swagger it couldn’t be denied. The title track spent four weeks at #1 on Byrdbored and 24 weeks in the Byrdy Dozen lauching it into the top ten Bon Jovi songs ever. The title track had some success on radio, but it was the next single that would make history. “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” would have a version released with country singer Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland, and it was the first time that a rock band would score a #1 song on country radio. The tune would peak at #2 on Byrdbored and be the second of six Byrdy Dozen Singles to chart on Byrdbored from “Have A Nice Day”.

The band’s new found country success inspired their next album, “Lost Highway” which became their fourth consecutive chart topping album on Byrdbored. Although not every song I would consider country, it did have some country-tinged songs that were really good and showed a different side to the band. The first two singles, “(You Want To) Make A Memory” and “Lost Highway” would hit #1 on the Byrdbored Blast Singles chart. The album would also contain a song with Big & Rich, “We Got It Going On”, that hit the top spot. It seemed that everything the band did was right at this point, and their comeback had pushed them to the top of Byrdbored and beyond.

2009’s “The Circle” would land the band’s fifth straight #1 album and contain the #1 hit song, “We Weren’t Born To Follow”. However, after a decade of a great comeback run, “The Circle” was only certified Platinum on Byrdbored and overall was a slight disappointment for me. The album debuted at #1 on US charts as well, but dropped like a rock suggesting most fans agreed with me. Realistically, it was time for the band’s run to slow down some since they had been recording and touring for a decade straight. No band knocks it out of the park everytime, especially if you are pushing boundaries like Jon and the guys liked to do.

As such, 2010 marked a perfect time to re-package the band’s hits to include the last decade or so of hits along with their classic hits before that. The collection also included some new tracks, however, including the #1 Byrdbored hit, “What Do You Got?”, and the top five hit, “This Is Love This Is Life”.

Bon Jovi has scored another three #1 albums since 2010 including “What About Now”, “Burning Bridges” and 2018’s “This House Is Not For Sale”. However, none of them have had the sustained excellence of the band’s huge hit albums. “This House Is Not For Sale” was actually their first album without Richie Sambora on guitar, and I have to believe that might have something to do with the chemistry and songs just not being the same.

Through the years, Bon Jovi have had their ups and downs, but that is no different than any other band. What is different about Bon Jovi is their constant belief in their roots and their iconic hits that not many bands can stand up against. Jon Bon Jovi has the charisma for sure, but without the songs that wouldn’t matter. It has always been about the music just like it is with any legendary band. The situation with Richie Sambora has been sad to see. He has simply stated he doesn’t want to perform with the band, so the band moves on without him. Time may bring Richie back to the band, but if not their legacy is still set in stone. There are not many bands with the catalog of hits, attitude and rock star mojo of Bon Jovi, and there will never be a band quite like Bon Jovi again.

The Byrdman

Bon Jovi has 23 (#1) Singles, 56 Byrdy Dozen Singles, 11 (#1) Albums and (6,720) Total Byrdbored Points Earned (Currently)

Bon Jovi are:  Jon Bon Jovi (Lead vocals, acoustic and rhythm guitar),  David Bryan (Keyboards, piano, backing and occasional lead vocals), Tico Torres (Drums, percussion, backing and occasional lead vocals), Phil X (Guitarist & backing vocals), Hugh McDonald (Bassist & backing vocals), Richie Sambora (Guitarist, backing & occasional lead vocals 1983-2013), Alec John Such (Bassist & backing vocals 1983-1994), Dave Sabo (Guitarist & backing vocals 1983).



The Cars Ruled Byrdbored With “You Might Think” & “Heartbeat City” in 1984!

It is very fitting with the passing of Ric Ocasek, that Byrdbored honors the #1 Byrdbored hit “You Might Think” that spent four weeks on top in 1984.  It finished the year at #5.  Their album, “Heartbeat City”, also lead the pack and spent ten weeks at #1 in 1984.  “Heartbeat City” is currently the #22 album of all-time on Byrdbored.  Enjoy a look back at one of the best videos of it’s time with “You Might Think”.  RIP Ric Ocasek….

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Byrdbored Vault Charts Coming in 2020! Byrdbored Will Officially Be Timeless!

It is official! The Byrdbored Vault charts are coming in 2020!  It is part of the celebration of 40 years of Byrdbored.  The charts will be a Byrdy Dozen for songs and albums that are anything that is not current.  Therefore, it could be a song or album that I still play today no matter how old, or it could be a song or album from the past that I never originally played but have began to play now.

This would be particularly interesting for Classic Flight bands that I was too young to play (since Byrdbored started in 1981).  Bands like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Cream, Deep Purple and many more would now receive Byrdbored points if I played their songs or albums by them.

I could also stumble into bands that maybe had older albums that I missed along the way, and could now catch up on.  It opens up Byrdbored to anything that I am playing will be charted in some way. Byrdbored will now be officially timeless!

Anyone that has any artists that I might like can just email me at, and I will give them a listen.  Looking forward to 2020 and celebrating 40 years of Byrdbored!

Vault Charts 1