Shinedown Becomes 50th Artist To Earn Over 2,000 Byrdbored Points

It has been quite a ride for Shinedown since their debut album, “Leave A Whisper”, dropped in 2003.  Six albums and sixteen years later Shinedown has become the 50th Byrdbored artist to earn 2,000 points and meet one of the requirements for the Nest of Fame.  The guys will have to wait until 2023 to be eligible and meet the 20-year recording requirement, but the hardest part is complete.

It has been an incredible year and a half for the band whose “Attention Attention” album has simply dominated since it’s release in May of 2018.  The album has spent 17 weeks on top of Byrdbored and 81 weeks in the Byrdy Dozen.  The album has spawned six #1 singles including 2018’s song of the year “Devil” which has been certified Diamond on Byrdbored.  “Monsters” looks to repeat the band’s success in 2019 and wrap up this years song of the year.

The scariest thing about Shinedown is that all the points from their “Attention Attention” album have yet to be added to their overall total since it hasn’t dropped from the Byrdy Dozen Albums chart since it debuted at #1.  The album could very well score more #1 hits, as well, as the title-song has started it’s blast up the singles chart.  The band could see their album remain in the Byrdy Dozen most of the early part of 2020 and possibly move into the top 20 albums of all-time.  I honestly could see another four hit singles from “Attention Attention” which could keep the album on the charts even longer.  It has truly been one of those special moments in Byrdbored history where everything just comes together for a band, and they become bigger than ever expected.

Congratulations to Brent Smith, Eric Bass, Zach Myers and Barry Kerch otherwise known as Shinedown.  Also congratulations goes out to Eric Bass for producing one of my all-time favorite albums.  “Attention Attention” is as perfect as any rock album can get.


Byrdview – Nine

Although I would by no means consider myself a huge Blink-182 fan, I have always seemed to give these guys a chance over the years. I have purchased most of their albums and listened to their music, but they haven’t made a ton of impact until recently. In 2017, their album, “California”, contained a track called “Left Alone” which finally broke into the Byrdy Dozen and peaked at #3. It seems that might have been the song to open the flood gates. For those that are big Blink-182 fans, I would expect some Blink-182 music on the Vault charts starting in 2020. After listening to their albums to prepare for this review, I do think there were plenty of songs and albums I missed along the way that really should have charted. Sometimes there are only twelve slots and just so much music to listen to in the moment. The most important thing right now, however, is the Byrdview of “Nine”.

There is no doubt the album is very upbeat and fun with opening tracks “The First Time” and “Happy Days” which are catchy and I do like them. However, the first song that really made my ears jump to attention is “Heaven”. This track could possibly be my favorite on the album, and most definitely has a legitimate shot to crack the Byrdbored top five. Actually this album already has scored one top five hit in “Darkside” (earlier this year) so “Heaven” could really send the band’s mojo through the roof. Those two songs might not be the end of their top five party as “No Heart To Speak Of” is another stand out track to me, and it could be a third top five smash. I also like the tracks “I Really Wish I Hated You”, “Run Away”, “Pin the Grenade” and “Hungover You”. I have seen a lot of fans liking “Blame It On My Youth”, but that one just doesn’t do anything for me.

This album definitely flows well, and I think it is more in the vein of the “California” album. Some long-time fans of the band may not like that, but I am really digging it. I also have to give a shout out to John Feldmann who the band has worked with a great deal, but did an excellent job capturing the band’s strengths on this effort. I don’t know if I can say it sounds better than any other album from a production standpoint, but it definitely sounds fresh and flows from start to finish the way an album should. I know some fans would like the band to return to a more punk/rock sound, and I understand that. However, “Nine” could be one of my surprise albums going into 2020.

Anyone that has read my Byrdviews know that I am all about songs that I love to play again and again. This album really has at least three top five hits, in my opinion, and possibly another couple of top ten songs. I am really surprised to say the least, and I admit that the combination of “California” and “Nine” has me more interested in the band’s prior work. I do expect to be giving more and more Blink-182 music a listen in the coming years. Since “Nine” has already peaked at #6 on the Byrdbored Albums chart (at least for now), it is obvious that I do like it. Albums don’t get into the Byrdy Dozen by accident. Since songs that I feel could be even bigger hits are coming in 2020, “Nine” may not be done with the Byrdy Dozen. I think “Nine” will be an album I play quite frequently in 2020. 4 Byrd Beaks!


Byrdview – Imperfect Circle

I admit that I am not a huge Hootie & The Blowfish fan. However, I did go back and listen to their past albums to see if maybe I had missed something along the way. I have liked quite a bit of Darius Rucker’s country music over the years and although his work with the band is different I was hoping his magic might have rubbed off. Unfortunately, not much has changed in my opinion.

I will start with the positive. I love “Miss California”! It might be my favorite Hootie & The Blowfish song ever. That is a good starting place. It just has a great sound with lyrics that just flow and makes me want to play it over and over. That is huge for me since if I don’t want to play it a lot it never becomes a big hit (just like any music). They have several other songs that I enjoy such as “Rollin'”, “New Year’s Day” and “Everybody But You”. However, I am not a big fan of the first official single, “Hold On”, which just does nothing for me.

I really want to like this album, and I love Darius Rucker as a personality. He seems so down to Earth and just like someone that you could sit down and just be instant buddies with. However, that doesn’t make great albums. I really think my main issue with it is that I just don’t hear many potential hits. “Miss California” could be a top five hit, but after that I am afraid I don’t hear another Byrdy Dozen song from it. “Rollin'” might have a chance, but I am not very optimistic that another hit will happen from “Imperfect Circle”.

After some careful listens, I think this album fits very well under my rating. I feel pretty comfortable filing this away under the category of “a few good songs but nothing special”. I know die-hard Hootie & The Blowfish fans will disagree with me I am sure, however, I want the hits. I simply do not hear any huge hits except for “Miss California”. It is possible that another song could sneak up on me in time, but even if it did I would still feel comfortable with my rating. 2 Byrd Beaks!


The Gap Band Took “You Dropped A Bomb On Me” To #1 This Week In 1982

“You Dropped A Bomb On Me” became the first and only #1 single for The Gap Band this week in 1982.  The tune would finish the year as the #15 song, and it would be certified Platinum on Byrdbored.  It would spend a total of four weeks on top and 11 weeks in the top ten.  Enjoy a listen back and have it in your head all day!!!

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Hall & Oates Ruled Byrdbored Singles Chart This Week In 1990 With “So Close”

Hall & Oates were one of the hottest acts during the 1980’s, but “So Close” was their first #1 single of the 1990’s.  The tune spent four weeks on top and finished 1990 as the #13 song of the year.  The track was the first single from their #1 album, “Change Of Season”, which ended up 4x Platinum on Byrdbored.  Enjoy a listen back Byrd Heads!

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Alter Bridge Leads The Byrdbored Charts For Second Straight Week

For the second week, Alter Bridge leads both the Singles and Albums charts on Byrdbored.  “Wouldn’t You Rather” spent it’s second straight week on top of the Singles chart, while “Walk The Sky” spent it’s fourth straight week at #1 on the Albums chart.  There was some major competition on both charts for the rock act, but the guys were strong enough to hold off all-comers to rule again.

On the Singles chart, Whitesnake moved up to #2 with their latest hit, “When I Think Of You (Color Me Blue)”.  The Christian rock group, Ignite The Fire, moved up two notches from #5 to #3 with “Echoes” and it is their first-ever Byrdbored hit single.  “Beast” by Saint Asonia remained at #4 for a second week, and Scott Stapp started his slide down the chart with “Last Hallelujah” dropping from #2 to #5.

The only debut on the Byrdy Dozen Singles chart is “Miss California” by Hootie & The Blowfish.  The track is taken from their new album, “Imperfect Circle”, which sits at #8 on the Albums chart this week.  The dropper of the week is the former #1 hit, “Black Soul”, from Shinedown.  The tune spent two weeks on top of the Singles chart and ten weeks in the Byrdy Dozen to be certified Platinum.  “Black Soul” is the sixth straight #1 single from the band’s “Attention Attention” album which has been certified Diamond (12x Platinum actually).  “Attention Attention” remains in the Byrdy Dozen Albums at #6 this week and has spent a total of 81 weeks on the chart overall.

On the Albums chart, Jason Aldean blasted onto the chart at #2 with this latest, “9”.  This might have just been a timing issue for Aldean since I base my charts on song plays and the album was just released Friday.  Sometimes it makes it very difficult with only two days for an album to debut on top of Byrdbored.  At #3, the Goo Goo Dolls remain steady with “Miracle Pill”.  At #4 is a debut from Luke Combs, “What You See Is What You Get”, which received its first full week of songs played on Byrdbored.  The new effort from Combs matched his debut album, “This One’s For You”, which also hit #4 on Byrdbored. “What You See Is What You Get” could end up moving up much like Jason Aldean, however, in the coming weeks.  Saint Asonia rounds out the top five with “Flawed Design” dropping from #4 to #5 this week.

There was one other debut on the Byrdy Dozen Albums chart with Lady Antebellum’s “Ocean” coming in at #10.  It is the country trio’s fourth Byrdy Dozen album on the chart.  The three droppers this week were Skillet’s “Victorious”, Tracy Lawrence’s “Made In America” and Seven Past Sunset’s debut EP, “7 Past Sunset”.

The Byrd Trax spin total was up slightly this week from 712 to 745, but that was expected with a great deal of new music added.  Next week is a holiday week so look for the total to drop majorly.  Always check out the Byrd Trax section of the site for music stats and the new Hot Byrd Trax section that displays the hottest songs and albums of the week.  Also check out the new SongByrd 40 section that lists the top 40 songs and albums of the week.  This just gives more detail than the Byrdy Dozen so you have more new tracks to find and possibly listen to.

Congratulations once again to Alter Bridge for another week on top!  Check out the #1 song on Byrdbored for a second straight week below! Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving Byrd Heads!!!!!

Wouldn't You Rather Alter Bridge Click pic for video






Nest Of Fame – Michael Jackson (2007)

If you had to name the top five artists of the 1980’s, there is no doubt that Michael Jackson would have to be on that list. Whether you loved him or hated him, his impact was undeniable. If you don’t want one of his songs in your head then you better not listen to it, because it will be stuck in your head for weeks! Michael Jackson’s songs just have a catchy element that is hard to describe, but for a guy like me that loves to play songs over and over he was an automatic for years. Obviously, I won’t touch on the Jackson 5 years, because that was long before Byrdbored began in 1981. The Jackson 5 might end up with some Byrdbored points along the way, however, since the Vault charts will begin in 2020. He also had some early 1980’s solo hits that might have that potential.

The 1980’s were ushered in for Jackson with his 1979 release, “Off The Wall”, making some real noise. Unfortunately, the album never charted on Byrdbored since the album charts didn’t start until 1983. However, there were two songs that did make Byrdbored impact. “Rock With You” was a top five hit and the title track peaked at #10. How I missed “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” is one of the mysteries of the Byrdbored universe, but somehow I did miss it (and that is a good example of what the Vault charts will be about). “Off The Wall” has sold over eight million copies in the United States and twenty million worldwide, and it was most certainly the start of the explosion that would help brand him the “King of Pop”.

In November of 1982, a musical juggernaut was unleashed on the world known as “Thriller”. There is no possible way to fully describe the impact this album had. You almost had to be there and live through it to see it for yourself. It wasn’t just a musical impact, but impacted everything including fashion and pop culture as a whole. It will always be one of the albums that I fondly think of when I think of my childhood. I listened to “Thriller” everywhere including all the basketball trips with my mother. She loved it too! It was one of those rare albums that it really didn’t matter what age you were. It crossed multiple generations in ways that you just can’t imagine unless you were there in the time.

“Thriller” would be my first massive album on Byrdbored (along with Def Leppard’s “Pyromania”). It would spend 33 total weeks at #1 on my albums chart and 81 total weeks in the top ten. It is currently ranked as my #3 album of all-time, and it still holds up as a pop classic today. The overall numbers for “Thriller” (in the real world) are staggering. “Thriller” has currently sold 33 million copies in the United States, and double that (66 million) worldwide! It was the best selling album of all-time in the United States until a few years ago when The Eagles Greatest Hits took over and now sits at an astounding 38 million.

The hits from “Thriller” are on any classic 1980’s playlist as it produced five #1 songs on Byrdbored. “Beat It” and “Billie Jean” are both Diamond Singles on Byrdbored and spent six weeks on top. “Human Nature”, “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'” and the title track all hit the top as well, and “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” cracked the top five. Honestly, the album could have generated more Byrdbored hits, but as a twelve year old my attention span was probably not able to handle it. One other thing that doesn’t get mentioned as much as it probably should is the production value of the album as Quincy Jones nailed this album on every level. It was an instant greatest hits collection of songs that I truly believe will stand the test of time long after I am gone.

The monumental task of following up “Thriller” took awhile but on September 1, 1987, “Bad” was released. Even though everyone knew “Thriller” really could never be topped, “Bad” came much closer than anyone expected. As a matter of fact, “Bad” would produce another five #1 songs on Byrdbored. “The Way You Make Me Feel”, “Another Part Of Me”, “Man In The Mirror”, “Dirty Diana” and the title track all hit the top. “Smooth Criminal” also peaked at #2 for a sixth top ten song from the album. The album would spend nine weeks at #1 on the Byrdbored Albums chart and 87 total weeks in the top ten. “Bad” is currently ranked #34 on the Byrdbored all-time albums listing. Even though it couldn’t top “Thriller”, the album was definitely a success and cemented Michael Jackson’s legacy as a consistent pop hit-maker. “Bad” has currently sold 10 million copies in the United States and 45 million worldwide. Any other artist would love those totals, but it just goes to show how unbeatable “Thriller” has been (except for the Eagles apparently).

In November of 1991, “Dangerous” would continue the run of one word titles for Michael Jackson and continue the #1 run as well. Personally I was right in the middle of my college years, and “Dangerous” was one of those albums that got heavy rotation in my dorm room. The album landed at #1 on Byrdbored for six weeks and spent 40 weeks in the top ten. The bad news for “Dangerous” was that it didn’t produce the big hits the previous two albums did. “Black Or White” was the only #1 hit (and it produced a ton of negative feedback when the video debuted on MTV as well), but it did contain four other top five hits with “In The Closet”, “Jam”, “Remember The Time” and “Who Is It”. “Give In To Me” also landed in the top ten. The album sales were also a little down, although still very strong. “Dangerous” currently has sold 8 million in the United States and 32 million worldwide.

In the Summer of 1995, Jackson released a two-album collection including one album of new material and one of his greatest hits. “HIStory, Past, Present and Future – Book 1” would become Jackson’s fourth straight #1 album on Byrdbored and produce the top five hit, “Scream”, with his sister Janet. Unfortunately, that was the only charting song from the album, and I could see the writing on the wall for Michael. The album sales were still strong with 8 million copies sold in the United States and 22 million worldwide, but the slide had begun.

It would be another six years before “Invincible” dropped and the surprising news was that the album didn’t even chart on Byrdbored. The first single, “You Rock My World”, did get some plays but it just didn’t have the same magic of previous songs from Michael. Overall, I felt it was by far the weakest of his albums and the album sales agreed with me selling only two million in the United States and six million worldwide. It would be his last release before his passing on June 25, 2009.

His passing would come as a surprise to everyone and the unusual circumstances that caused his death would just sum up one of the most unusual entertainers ever. There was no doubt that Michael Jackson was different from anyone on the planet, and that was part of what gave him his creative flow and made him the entertainer he was. I have always said “normal” people like me (stop laughing) could not be an entertainer. We think inside the box, but people like Michael Jackson don’t even know the box exists. It was a sad, sad day in music history when he passed.

There were two posthumous album releases with 2010’s “Michael” which did peak at #4 on Byrdbored (but only spend five weeks in the Byrdy Dozen), and “Xscape” in 2014 which did not chart. I actually thought “Michael” was better than 2001’s “Invincible”, but it still didn’t chart any hit singles on Byrdbored. “Michael” was reportedly the album he was working on when he passed. A tour was planned (with Orianthi on guitar), but it was not to be.

Although the music most definitely declined after 1995, Michael Jackson’s personal life was what hit his fans the hardest. The charges garnered against him are so insidious that most fans just can’t wrap their heads around them. I have always personally kept the music separate from any artist’s personal life, but the charges really hit to the heart of any person with children especially. However, from my perspective I simply don’t know if the charges are true, but I know the music and the legacy lives on.

Michael Jackson was inducted into the Byrdbored Nest of Fame in 2006 and became the sixth member. It is actually amazing when I think about it, because he really only had three major albums in “Thriller”, “Bad” and “Dangerous” and was still able to grab over 2,000 points on Byrdbored. Michael is currently ranked as my #25 artist of all-time which is much lower than he was in 2006 when he was inducted. However, that is mostly due to not having any new music (that I liked anyway). He will most likely have some music that will chart on my Vault charts next year, but that will most likely be his only option for any more points.

Michael Jackson has reportedly sold over 200 million albums worldwide (although I have seen some reports of more than that). Through all the albums sold and the #1 hit songs, his legacy is obvious but his impact is even more than the stats can show. I remember the moon walk. I remember the glove. I remember all the videos on MTV (yes, they used to play music videos). I understand why some people focus on his personal life, but the music is forever and the memories are as well. Michael left a mark on pop culture and music that not many can claim, and there would be a massive hole in the musical landscape without Michael Jackson. Rest in peace Michael. Rest in peace…

The Byrdman
Michael Jackson has 11 #1 songs, 22 Byrdy Dozen singles, 4 #1 albums and
(2,768) Total Byrdbored Points Earned (currently).

Michael Jackson Thriller