Shinedown Takes Top Single And Album For 2019

Every musical year is different and now that another year is in the books, it is time to reflect on 2019. Although 2019 was below average in many respects, it had it’s share of highlights just like any year. There were plenty of normal Byrdbored artists that didn’t surprise anyone that knows me, and there were some surprises that even left me shocked. Music has always been an essential part of my life (obviously), but it never ceases to amaze me how even I am surprised from time to time. As a matter of fact, that is part of why music has always seemed to attract me so much. No matter how much time passes, there is always the next song or the next album that could be one of my all-time favorites.

Although there were no songs in 2019 that will be in the all-time favorites category, there is an album that is currently making a push to be one of those special albums. “Attention Attention” by Shinedown is truly on a special path that very few albums have taken. The album is the first album to receive the most Byrdbored points in back-to-back years since Def Leppard’s “Hysteria” did it back in 1988 and 1989. “Attention Attention” spent another four weeks at #1 during 2019 (13 weeks during 2018) and remained in the Byrdy Dozen all 52 weeks of 2019 (86 straight weeks over the course of 2018 and 2019). Shinedown also scored the song with the most points for the second straight year, as “Monsters” edged out the Goo Goo Dolls and “Miracle Pill” for #1. Shinedown had the top song of 2018 with “Devil”, and the “Attention Attention” album has so far produced six straight #1 singles (over 2018 & 2019). Shinedown is also the #2 ranked artist of 2019.

Who is the #1 artist you ask? I bet you didn’t know the Byrdman could read minds did you? The amazing run of Jason Aldean continued in 2019 as the country star scored with two #1 albums, “Rearview Town” & “9”. “Rearview Town” would spend four weeks on top during the year and produce two #1 singles with the title cut and “High Noon Neon”. The title song finished at #13 for 2019, while “High Noon Neon” finished at #23. The release of “9” was so late in the year, its impact will be felt more in 2020, but it did crank out a top five hit with “We Back” and manage to spend five weeks at #1 and finish the year on top. Aldean would finish the year with 540 more Byrdbored points and edge out Shinedown by only 19 total points.

The third ranked artist was definitely a surprise and had one of the more impressive rock albums of the year. When you consider both Shinedown’s “Attention Attention” (#1 album) and Halestorm’s “Vicious” (#2 album) were released in 2018, Whitesnake can lay claim to my favorite album released in 2019. “Flesh & Blood” would spend six weeks at #1 and 30 weeks in the Byrdy Dozen during the year and is most definitely the band’s biggest hit album since 1989’s “Slip Of The Tongue”. The album also included the band’s first #1 hit single, “Hey You (You Make Me Rock)”, since “Still Of The Night” from their classic self-titled album. “Hey You (You Make Me Rock)” finished at #15 for 2019. Whitesnake also landed three other top five singles with “When I Think Of You (Color Me Blue)” peaking at #2, while “Shut Up & Kiss Me” and “Trouble Is Your Middle Name” both hit #3.

Halestorm came within 25 points of earning their second #1 album of a year as “Vicious” had to settle for runner-up in 2019. The rock band, fronted by Lzzy Hale, had the top album of 2012 with “The Strange Case Of…”, but they couldn’t pull it off this year. Halestorm did land four Byrdy Dozen hits from “Vicious”, however, including two #1 hits. “Buzz” and the title track both hit the top, while “Conflicted” peaked at #2 and “Killing Ourselves To Live” charted at #9. “Buzz” finished 2019 as the #6 tune of the year. During the year, Halestorm also earned enough total Byrdbored points to be eligible for the Nest of Fame (although they must also hit the twenty year anniversary of their self-titled debut album which will be in 2029 before they can officially enter).

The Creed impact was very strong in 2019 despite the band not releasing an album together. Scott Stapp finished the year as the 5th ranked artist thanks to his new album, “The Space Between The Shadows”, which became his third solo #1. The album would spawn three #1 singles with “Purpose For Pain” finishing at #4 for the year, while “Last Hallelujah” was #22 and “Face Of The Sun” was #25. “The Space Between The Shadows” finished the year at #6 on the yearly albums list. The other three members of Creed, now known as Alter Bridge, joined Myles Kennedy on vocals once again for their fourth #1 album, “Walk The Sky”. The album finished 2019 at #12 and produced the #1 hit single, “Wouldn’t You Rather”, which finished the year at #7.

2018’s “Welcome Abored” artist, Stone Broken, would come up with a pretty impressive sophomore album, “Ain’t Always Easy”, which peaked at #2 and spent 37 total weeks in the Byrdy Dozen. The album helped the rock band from the United Kingdom finish 2019 as the #6 artist and the album finished at #5 for the year. The set included “Let Me See It All” which hit #1 and is ranked #21 for 2019.

2019’s possible “Welcome Abored” winner, Seven Past Sunset, scored two top five hit singles in “Chasing You” and “Overwhelmed” and their self-titled EP peaked at #7 on the albums chart. The midwest rock act could be a band to keep your eye on in coming years.

Bands that are not so new also made their mark in 2019. Collective Soul returned with yet another #1 album, “Blood”, which produced four Byrdy Dozen hits including the #1 hit single, “Now’s The Time”, which finished at #16 for the year. “Blood” was the band’s seventh #1 album overall and it finished 2019 at #8.

Skillet returned with “Victorious” which became their sixth album to hit the top of Byrdbored. Skillet was the only band to chart two songs in the top ten for the year as “Save Me” finished at #3 and “Legendary” landed at #9. Both tunes were #1 hits and the band finished as the #8 artist of 2019. “Victorious” spent five weeks at #1 and is the 7th ranked album of the year.

The Goo Goo Dolls would return with their biggest hit single since 2006’s “Stay With You”. “Miracle Pill” would hit #1 for two weeks and tie “Monsters” by Shinedown for most weeks in the Byrdy Dozen at 17. The tune finished the year at #2. The band’s album of the same name would also hit the top for four weeks and finish 2019 as the #9 album. The Goo Goo Dolls also earned the 11th most points of the year, which isn’t bad for a band that formed in 1986 and is still going strong.

Although I expected a new Matchbox Twenty album before another Rob Thomas solo effort, Thomas would drop “Chip Tooth Smile” in April. It would become his fourth straight #1 album and finish the year at #10. “I Love It” would also hit #1 on the Singles chart and is the 19th ranked tune of 2019. Thomas is one of the most consistent solo performers in music and finished with the 12th most Byrdbored points for 2019.

The biggest surprise of 2019 (outside of maybe Whitesnake) was the return of Huey Lewis & The News to #1 after 28 years away from the top spot. Their new single,”Her Love Is Killin’ Me”, spent four weeks on top of the Singles chart and actually landed at #5 for the year. By the end of 2019, I had definitely heard the news!

In a down year for country music overall, Tim McGraw would actually surprise with the top country tune, “Thought About You”, which finished at #8. Keith Urban would score his 29th and 30th overall #1 songs of his career as “We Were” would land at #10 and his Christmas song, “I’ll Be Your Santa Tonight”, finished #11 for the year. “I’ll Be Your Santa Tonight” became the first-ever #1 Christmas song on Byrdbored. Lady Antebellum would return with their first #1 single since 2009’s “Need You Now”, and “What If I Never Get Over You” would finish #20 for 2019.

Although the overall top Christian rock song was Skillet’s “Save Me” at #3, the top Christian Contemporary tune was Jeremy Camp’s “Dead Man Walking” which hit #1 and finished the year at #24. Camp also scored his 11th straight #1 album with “The Story’s Not Over” (so it isn’t just a creative title) which tied Def Leppard and Bon Jovi for the most #1 albums all-time. Camp also earned the 15th most points in 2019.

Every year has its own identity, and I really let the music guide me. However, 2019 was not a good year for women on Byrdbored. I tried and tried to find new music from the ladies, but in the end only three stood out. Lauren Daigle’s “You Say” would peak at #7 and become her first Byrdbored hit, and her album, “Look Up Child”, also peaked at #7. Reba McEntire would return with her album, “Stronger Than The Truth”, which peaked at #7 for the country mainstay. Jana Kramer had the biggest individual hit song as “Beautiful Lies” peaked at #3 and was certified Gold.

2019’s music mix was close to what it has been running in recent years. 109 songs hit the Byrdy Dozen and 51 albums. 52% of songs were from the rock genre (normally runs around 50%), Christian Contemporary edged out 2nd place at 17%, while Country dropped to 16% (normally around 20%) and Pop/Hot AC came in at 15%. The average weekly Byrd Trax total for spins (song plays) was 604.

In the Byrdbored record books, 2019 will go down as a below average year. It is the first year in this decade (2010-2019) that did not have a Diamond certified single (100 points earned) and there were good songs but nothing that was “all-time great”. I also prefer balance with more female artists that I like. I simply can’t seem to get into any of the new pop and country women in particular. I know that there have been a great deal more country women in the last few years that have made impact, but there have been very few that have songs I will consistently listen to week after week. Obviously, 2019 was the year of Billie Eilish and Lizzo in the real music world, but not on Byrdbored! I tried their songs, but nothing gained traction. I want the days of Janet, Madonna, Pat Benetar, Paula Abdul, Alanis Morissette, Shania Twain, Faith Hill and Martina McBride. My 2020 early Christmas present needs to be that new Orianthi album please!

Every year is always special to me, however, and 2019 might be remembered for the continued dominance of Shinedown and Jason Aldean. Shinedown might be on the edge of greatness with their album, “Attention Attention”. It could end up in the top ten Byrdbored albums of all-time. Jason Aldean could end up in the top ten Byrdbored artists of all-time. Artists like Skillet, Collective Soul, Goo Goo Dolls, Rob Thomas, Jeremy Camp, Halestorm, Keith Urban and Alter Bridge are incredibly consistent and most definitely were in 2019. Could 2019 be the year that propels Whitesnake into the Nest of Fame one day? With an album like “Flesh & Blood” who knows? What is the future of bands like Stone Broken and Seven Past Sunset?  Every band has to start somewhere after all.  Time will tell if I am being too harsh on 2019. Maybe the last few years have just spoiled me, but in the end the memories are filed away in my big fat head now. Lord knows there is plenty of room in there!

Rock on Byrd Heads!
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Jason Aldean 9

Whitesnake 2019


“Heartbeat” Hit #1 For Don Johnson (Yes, The Don Johnson) This Week In 1986

Yes, (for those of you who have been around long enough to remember) Don Johnson did make a run at music.  The actor and Miami Vice star released an album and the title track, “Heartbeat”, would hit #1 this very week in 1986. Oh the memories and the songs that a fifteen year old will listen to right?  Enjoy a listen back to “Heartbeat” and remember just how old you are like I am right now.  🙂

Heartbeat Don Johnson
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Keith Urban, Jason Aldean Finish 2019 On Top

The final chart of 2019 has familiar faces on top of Byrdbored.  Keith Urban spends his third straight week on top of the Singles chart with “I’ll Be Your Santa Tonight”.  The tune has been certified Platinum. It is Urban’s second #1 song of 2019 as “We Were” hit #1 earlier in the year.  Jason Aldean finishes 2019 with his album, “9”, at #1 for a fifth consecutive week.  Aldean also spent time at #1 this year with “Rearview Town” spending four weeks on top.  “Rearview Town” became the 41st Diamond certified album in Byrdbored history during 2019.

The last chart of a year traditionally doesn’t see a great deal of change, and 2019 is no different.  On the Byrdbored Blast Singles chart, the top four slots remain the same as last week.  Keith Urban is followed by “Echoes” from Ignite The Fire at #2. Sister Hazel remains at #3 for a third straight week with “Memphis Rain”. Tracy Lawrence remains at #4 with “Running Out Of People To Blame”.  At #5 is the title cut from Shinedown’s latest album, “Attention Attention”, moving up three notches from last week. The only Byrdy Dozen debut is from Collective Soul which sees “Crushed” enter at #12.  “Crushed” is the fourth Byrdy Dozen hit from the band’s former #1 album, “Blood”.  Saint Asonia drops out of the Byrdy Dozen with their first-ever hit, “Beast”, which peaked at #4 for three weeks and spent nine weeks on the chart in total.

On the Byrdbored Blast Albums chart, Jason Aldean is followed by Luke Combs who moves up to a new peak at #2 with “What You See Is What You Get”.  Chicago’s “Chicago Christmas 2019” drops one notch to #3.  Ignite The Fire moves back up to #4 with “Between Shadow And Solace”, while Alter Bridge moves down to #5 with “Walk The Sky”.  Rob Thomas re-enters the Byrdy Dozen with “Chip Tooth Smile” at #12, while Tracy Lawrence drops out with “Made In America”.  “Made In America” peaked at #3 and had re-entered last week thanks to his top five hit single, “Running Out Of People To Blame”.

As expected, the Byrd Trax Spin total is down this week to only 165 which is a 71% decrease from last week.  Christmas week is always the lowest song play total of the year due to many factors.  I would expect the total to be way up next week with the first week of a new year and the return of the Vault charts to Byrdbored.  The weekly spin total average for 2019 was 604 song plays.

Congratulations to both Keith Urban and Jason Aldean for staying on top and finishing out 2019 in style!  I am looking forward to the new year with lots of additions to Byrdbored, and I am sure it will be fun.  2020 looks very promising from new music rumors (and my music sense) that I have heard. Enjoy another listen and watch the official video to Keith Urban’s “I’ll Be Your Santa Tonight” below.  Happy New Year Byrd Heads!!!!

Keith-Urban_Ill-Be-Your-Santa-Tonight-1575567377 Click pic for official video





Brooks & Dunn Took “She’s Not The Cheatin’ Kind” To #1 This Week In 1994

Brooks & Dunn would score one of their seven #1 songs this very week in 1994 as “She’s Not The Cheatin’ Kind” spent one of it’s three weeks on top.  The tune also spent fifteen total weeks in the Byrdy Dozen and has been certified Platinum.  “She’s Not The Cheatin’ Kind” finished 1994 as the #10 song of the year.  Brooks & Dunn was inducted into the Nest of Fame in 2011.  Enjoy a listen back and watch the official video below.

Brooks & Dunn She's Not The Cheating Kind
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