John Mayer Takes Over Top Byrdbored Artist Of The Week

This week became a three-man battle with the “Piano Man” of almost 50 years in Billy Joel who won out last week, one of the current country kings in Jason Aldean and the over 20-year guitar-slinger John Mayer.  When the dust settled it was Mayer who took the #1 artist slot thanks to the newly crowned #1 Vault single, “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” and his two-week #1 Vault album, “Continuum”.  Mayer also charted four other Vault 40 Singles and two other Vault 40 albums which could have pushed him over the top.  Mayer has 63 of the 887 songs played this week.  His album, “Continuum”, has definitely been one of the most played of 2020 and could continue a solid run going forward with potentially multiple Vault singles down the road.  Mayer has plenty of music that should keep him in the Byrdy Dozen artists for awhile especially if he were to drop a new album in 2020.  That may not happen, but I am always hoping.

Jason Aldean remained at #2 thanks to his dominate SongByrd #1 album which spent it’s eighth straight week at #1, and his #7 SongByrd hit Single “Champagne Town”.  Billy Joel falls to #3 despite another strong weekly performance with six Vault 40 singles and three Vault 40 albums.  Sister Hazel blasted up from #11 to #4 thanks to the #2 SongByrd Single, “Memphis Rain”, and three Vault 40 albums led by “Fortress” at #9.  Whitesnake moves up to #5 after last week’s drop to #19 thanks to their new album, “Flesh & Blood”, re-entering the Byrdy Dozen at #6 this week.

Little Big Town jumped onto the SongByrd 60 Artists Chart at #8 thanks to their new album, “Nightfall”, debuting at #4, while their album, “The Road To Here”, landed at #17 on the Vault 40 Albums Chart.  The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band blasts up from #30 to #10 as their new album, “The Traveler”, moves up to #16 on the SongByrd 40 Albums chart and their album, “Trouble Is…”, sits at #20 on the Vault 40 Albums Chart. Matchbox Twenty sits at #30 thanks to their 2020 tour announcement this week which sparked their album, “More Than You Think You Are”, to chart at #22 on the Vault 40 Albums Chart.  Richard Marx entered at #54 thanks to a new tune, “Front Row Seat”, which is the top debut at #26 on the SongByrd 40 Singles Chart.  Marx will most likely make major moves up the artists chart once his new album, “Limitless”, drops February 7th.

Other notable artists this week are Led Zeppelin who hit the Byrdy Dozen artists at #12, Skillet who moves back up the list from #39 to #24 thanks to the title cut from their new album, “Victorious”, debuting on the SongByrd 40 Singles Chart at #28, Fleetwood Mac who leaps from #44 to #32 thanks to their “Rumours” album hitting #10 on the Vault 40 Albums Chart and Christian Contemporary artist, MercyMe, who move from #52 to #38 thanks to finally seeing some major momentum for their new single, “Almost Home”, which moves from #27 to #19 on the SongByrd 40 Singles Chart.

Congratulations to John Mayer who pulls the tri-fecta of leading both Vault Charts and the SongByrd 60 Artists Chart as well.  Check out the Top Flight Artists section of the site for the comprehensive listing of the top artists of the week on Byrdbored.  Enjoy the album version of “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” by John Mayer below.  Have a great week Byrd Heads!

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room Click pic for album version of “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room”


John Mayer Controls Vault Charts

Yes, Phil Collins could feel it coming “In The Air Tonight” as John Mayer took over the top Vault Single with “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” after patiently waiting for Phil Collins to drop from the top the last two weeks.  John Mayer also moved back to #1 Vault Album this week as “Continuum” returned to the top after falling to #2 last week.  The album has been one of the constants to start 2020.  Mayer is one of the leaders on the Vault charts this week with five Vault 40 Singles and three Vault 40 Albums.  “Gravity” comes in at #23, “Heartbreak Warfare” lands at #26, “Belief” hit #29, and “I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)” is at #32 on the Vault 40 Singles Chart.  “Room For Squares” remained at #15, and “Battle Studies” moved up one notch to #16 on the Vault 40 Albums Chart.

Phil Collins drops to #2 with “In The Air Tonight” after two weeks on top of the Vault Singles Chart. “In The Air Tonight” has now spent five total weeks at #1 and 27 weeks in the Byrdy Dozen overall.  At #3 again this week is Queen’s “We Will Rock You” followed by Led Zeppelin’s “Communication Breakdown” at #4 for a third straight week. At #5 is Def Leppard’s “Lady Strange” which jumps six spots from #11.  The only debut in the Vault Byrdy Dozen is “Easy Lover” by Phil Collins featuring Philip Bailey from Earth, Wind & Fire coming in at #8.  DC Talk’s “Jesus Freak” drops down to #13 on the Vault 40 after hitting #10 last week.  The single has spent the first three weeks of 2020 as the top Vault Christian Contemporary Single, and will most likely re-enter the Byrdy Dozen in coming weeks.


On the Vault Albums Chart, Billy Joel’s “The Stranger” follows John Mayer at #2.  “The Stranger” hit #1 last week for Joel and the 1977 classic could continue to battle Mayer in the coming weeks for the top. The Jimi Hendrix Experience leaps six impressive notches this week to #3 with “Are You Experienced”.  Obviously, this is the first Hendrix album to ever chart on Byrdbored, but has steadily increased it’s momentum in the first three weeks of 2020.  Def Leppard’s “High ‘N’ Dry” drops one spot down to #4, while Rob Thomas jumps up seven spots from #12 to #5 with his first solo album, “Something To Be”.

There are three debuts on the Vault Albums Chart this week.  Sister Hazel’s “Fortress” blasts onto the chart at #9 thanks to the success of their former #1 SongByrd single, “Memphis Rain”, and a late February visit to Chattanooga for their tour which has sparked interest in their catalog of music.  “Fortress” hit #1 on Byrdbored back in 2000 and has now spent 17 weeks in the Byrdy Dozen overall.  At #10 is the first appearance from the 1977 classic album, “Rumours”, by Fleetwood Mac.  Led Zeppelin comes in at #12 with “Led Zeppelin II” for the first time, as well.  Zeppelin’s debut album is at #6 this week and has so far peaked at #5. Queen’s “News Of The World” drops after peaking at #4 last week.  “Face Value” by Phil Collins peaked at #3 and falls out after the primary hit, “In The Air Tonight”, dropped from the top this week.  “Glass Houses” by Billy Joel is the third dropper after spending last week at #11.  “Glass Houses” among other Joel releases will most likely be spending more time in the Vault Byrdy Dozen in the future, however.

The Byrd Trax Spin total is slightly down this week but not by much slipping from 904 down to 887.  The Vault Mix was still higher than the SongByrd (current) mix with 55% of the song plays.  With new releases set to come out in February the mix could shift some in the coming weeks, but every week is different.  The 55% Vault total is down from last week’s 62%. Check out the Byrd Trax section on the site for the week’s breakdown of song plays along with Byrdy Dozen (last 12 weeks) and yearly average.

Congratulations to John Mayer for taking control of the Vault charts and leading both the Vault Singles and Albums charts.  Check out the Vault 40 section for a more detailed listing of the top Vault songs and albums of the week.  Listen to John Mayer live with “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” below.  Have a great week Byrd Heads!

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room Click pic for live video


Shinedown Score 7th Straight #1 Single; Jason Aldean’s “9” Tops Albums Chart For 8th Straight Week

The rock act known as Shinedown continues their remarkable run this week as they score their seventh consecutive #1 song from their album, “Attention Attention”.  This time it is the title cut from the album which leaps from #3 to the top in it’s sixth week on the chart.  The success of the title song has also pushed the album back up to #2 on the Albums chart after 89 straight weeks in the Byrdy Dozen.  It is a possibility that the album could hit 100 weeks on the chart and become only the tenth album in Byrdbored history to accomplish that feat.  The album also became the first since Def Leppard’s “Hysteria” in 1988 & 1989 to repeat as the overall album of the year.  “Attention Attention” won the award in 2018 and again for 2019 earning the most points of any album in the year.

Last week’s #1 single, “Memphis Rain”, by Sister Hazel drops back to #2 while another former #1 hit, “Echoes”, by Ignite The Fire slides down to #3.  Both tunes have had long runs in the Byrdy Dozen and should see a slow decline in the coming weeks.  The top country single, “Love You Too Late”, from Cole Swindell moves up one notch to #4.  It is the first-ever Byrdbored hit from Swindell, and it seems strong enough to challenge for #1 in coming weeks.  At #5 is the second top-five hit from Blink-182’s new album, “Nine”, called “Heaven”.  The band’s hit, “Darkside”, peaked at #5 last year.  “Heaven” definitely has some more steam left and could make a run into the top three in coming weeks.

The only debut on the Byrdy Dozen Singles Chart is the first-ever hit from Lewis Capaldi.  “Someone You Loved” started it’s climb up the Byrdbored SongByrd 40 chart in late 2019 and has been a frequent visitor to Hot Byrd Trax in the last month.  Tracy Lawrence has the dropper of the week as “Running Out Of People To Blame” falls out after nine weeks in the Byrdy Dozen and peaked at #4 for two weeks.  It has been certified Gold on Byrdbored.

Jason-Aldean 9 Album

For the eighth consecutive week, Jason Aldean’s “9” rules the Byrdbored Albums Chart.  As a matter of fact, the album gained strength this week thanks to his current Byrdy Dozen hit single, “Champagne Town”, which moved up to #7.  There doesn’t seem to be any album on the Byrdbored landscape that could overtake “9” soon.  However, there are a few releases in February from artists that have had top albums in the past.  Richard Marx and Ozzy Osbourne, for instance, have both scored #1 albums on Byrdbored.  Huey Lewis & The News also have their new album release, “Weather”, dropping in February but it is more of an EP than a full album which would make that very difficult.  At this point, Jason Aldean could easily break his own personal record of weeks at #1 with a single album as his last effort, “Rearview Town”, spent 13 weeks on top.

At #2 is the above mentioned “Attention Attention” by Shinedown.  Sister Hazel’s “Earth” drops back to #3 from last weeks peak at #2.  At #4 is the debut from Little Big Town’s “Nightfall” which becomes the country group’s fifth Byrdy Dozen album.  Their biggest hit album is 2010’s “The Reason Why” which hit #1 and has been certified Platinum on Byrdbored.   Collective Soul’s “Blood” re-entered the Byrdy Dozen at #5 thanks to the success of their current hit single, “Crushed”, which moved to #8 on the Singles chart.  Whitesnake also re-entered with their former #1 album, “Flesh & Blood”, coming in at #6  thanks to their new Byrdbored single, “Get Up”, which is the biggest moving single in the SongByrd 40 blasting from #36 to #24 this week.

With three debuts (or re-entries), there unfortunately has to be three droppers this week.  Alter Bridge’s “Walk The Sky” drops after spending 13 weeks on the chart and spending four weeks at #1.  Another former #1 album, “Chip Tooth Smile”, by Rob Thomas also drops and has spent a total of 25 weeks in the Byrdy Dozen.  Lauren Jenkins saw her debut album, “No Saint”, land at #12 last week but drops after only one week on the chart.  I would suspect this isn’t the last appearance from this album, however, as she has multiple songs that could chart on Byrdbored including “Give Up The Ghost” which currently sits at #35 on the SongByrd 40.

Speaking of the SongByrd 40, the chart seeks to give more hit songs and albums beyond the Byrdy Dozen.  The chart helps music fans to see even more current songs and albums so you can sample or listen to any of them you wish. Even though no points are awarded for being #13 through #40, it serves a Byrd Head purpose to give you more music options beyond the Byrdy Dozen.

The highest debut on the SongByrd 40 Singles Chart is “Front Row Seat” from Richard Marx which comes in at #26.  The tune is featured on his new album, “Limitless”, which will be released on February 7th.  Check out the New Flights 2020 section for other new album releases coming this year.  Skillet enters at #28 with “Victorious” which is the title cut from their former #1 album.  Little Big Town’s title cut from their #4 album, “Nightfall”, debuts at #33, and Camila Cabello lands at #40 with “Shameless”.  Check out the full SongByrd 40 Singles and Albums listing on the SongByrd 40 section of the site.  Hopefully, you can discover something you like that you didn’t know before.

The Byrd Trax Spin total was slightly down but very close to last week’s 904 down to 887 this week.  399 song plays were from the current SongByrd songs which represents around 45% and is higher than last weeks 38%.  I would like a 50-50 mix of SongByrd and Vault music going forward, but every week is different.

Congratulations to Shinedown for a seventh straight #1 song from “Attention Attention”, and Jason Aldean who is the front-runner for album of the year already.  It is a long year, of course, and no one knows what will be released later in 2020.  However, Aldean has a great start to the year.  Listen to the new #1 song below and have a great week Byrd Heads!

Attention Attention Shinedown Click pic for official video


Chicago Is Now Eligible For The Nest Of Fame

It has taken awhile (understatement), but thanks to 2019’s Christmas release (and some points earned on the Vault charts to start 2020) Chicago is now eligible for the Nest of Fame.  The biggest reason it took so long was Chicago started in 1969 with their first album which was before I was even born.  All of their 1970’s songs and albums never charted on Byrdbored so they didn’t earn any points.  With Vault charts in place those songs and albums can now earn points and the band might actually see a jump up the all-time artists listing.

Chicago’s 1980’s and 1990’s work got them very close even without any 1970’s music factored in, however.  They have scored eight #1 songs and four #1 albums on Byrdbored.  “Chicago 17”, “Chicago 18”, “Chicago 19” and “Chicago 21” all hit the top and “Chicago XXX” hit #3 in 2006.  The band really hadn’t had any new music I liked since “Chicago XXX” and were just 100 points or so short of 2,000.  Then the band’s “Chicago Christmas 2019” peaked at #2 late last year, and they received some additional points for “Chicago 17” on the Vault Albums Chart.  Chicago now currently have 2,109 points and are ranked #46 on the all-time artists listing. Chicago is now the 52nd artist to earn 2,000 points or more in Byrdbored history.

Chicago will most likely be inducted into the Nest of Fame in 2020.  Although with the Vault charts in place there are no guarantees.  This year marks a very special 40th year of Byrdbored.  Therefore, there will be a Byrdy Dozen group of artists make the Nest of Fame this year.  The twelve newly inducted members at the end of 2020 will establish forty well deserving artists in the Nest of Fame in forty years of Byrdbored.

Congratulations to a great band who have established themselves as legends of the music world.  They are definitely deserving, and I still listen to and enjoy Chicago music today.  I am looking forward to the Nest of Fame inductees in 2020, and Chicago could very well be one of the best bands in terms of musicianship to be in the Nest of Fame (if they do make it this year) .


Nine Inch Nails, Notorious B.I.G., Whitney Houston Lead Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2020 Class

I am not very happy with the results this year, but I always post the results out of respect for music itself and the artists of the past that make it.  I am not a fan of non-rock making the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, but the precedent has already be set years ago.  There is a reason we don’t put Van Halen in the Country Hall of Fame right?  The same reasoning should apply to the Rock Hall.  That is just my two cents worth.  Maybe next year will be better for Byrdbored-type artists?  Congratulations to the ones that got in this year, however.

Click pic for details

Billy Joel Controls This Weeks Artists Chart

With 81 of the 904 songs played this week, Billy Joel jumps to #1 on the Byrdbored Artists Chart.  There is no doubt that the Byrd Trax mix for Vault music being at 62% this week had something to do with Joel’s rise.  However, Joel may end up a mainstay in the top artists this year as he may be one of the early beneficiaries of the Vault charts.  It all started with watching his live show at Bonnaroo in 2017 on You Tube, and it grew from there.  He is still an incredible performer, and I had honestly forgotten how much I love his music.  Joel has been consistently performing at New York’s Madison Square Garden and actually became the first artist to perform 100 shows there.  If you get a chance I highly recommend watching some of his shows.  Great entertainer! Joel has the top Vault Album with “The Stranger” along with “Glass Houses” at #11, “An Innocent Man” at #20 and “52nd Street” at #40.  His single, “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)” is currently at #6 on the Vault Singles Chart followed by “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant” at #23, “She’s Always A Woman” at #24 and “Piano Man” at #27.

At #2 is Jason Aldean who falls from the top after ruling last week.  John Mayer leaps from #18 to #3 thanks to last week’s #1 Vault album, “Continuum”, at #2 followed by “Room For Squares” at #15 and “Battle Studies” at #17.  Mayer has also hit the Vault 40 Singles chart hard with “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” at #2 followed by “Gravity” at #29 and “Vultures” at #33.  Def Leppard jumps from #17 to #4 thanks to their album, “High ‘N’ Dry”, at #3 on the Vault 40 Albums Chart followed by “Hysteria” at #16.  Chicago drops from #2 to #5 this week mostly due to their Christmas album dropping hard.

Some of the notable jumps this week are Collective Soul moving from #27 to #9 as their current hit single, “Crushed”, continues it’s move up the Byrdbored Blast Singles Chart to #9. The hit has inspired some listening to the band’s Vault material this week.  Queen leaped onto the Artists listing at #14 thanks to their #3 Vault Single, “We Will Rock You”, from their #4 Vault Album, “News Of The World”.  Queen’s “The Game” also came in at #19 on the Vault 40 Albums chart.  Heart jumped from #52 to #20 thanks to watching a concert from their “Brigade Tour” as the album hit #23 on the Vault 40 Albums Chart.  Pat Benetar blasted to #21 thanks to two albums, “In The Heat Of The Night”, at #30 and “Get Nervous” at #38 on the Vault 40 Albums Chart.  Hopefully she will also be inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame soon. The Jimi Hendrix Experience also leaped from #46 to #33 on the SongByrd 60 Artists Chart as the debut album, “Are You Experienced”, continues to grow and moved up to #9 on the Vault Albums Chart this week.  DC Talk leaped twenty spots from #57 to #37 with their “Jesus Freak” song and album both hitting the Vault charts at #10.  The Who also entered the Artists chart at #43 thanks to their album, “Who’s Next”, jumping from #29 to #13 on the Vault 40 Albums Chart.

Congratulations to Billy Joel for a fantastic week as I just begin to listen to his classic hits (in some cases).  Check out the full list of the SongByrd 60 Artists and let me know your favorites.  I would love some discussion and welcome any comments related to music and memories from any artists.  Give Billy Joel’s “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)” a listen below.  Have a great week Byrd Heads!

billy-joel-movin-out-anthonys-song-1977 Click pic for video



“The Stranger” By Billy Joel Scores #1 Vault Album; Phil Collins Remains On Top Of Vault Singles Chart

Billy Joel’s 1977 classic album, “The Stranger”, never got the opportunity to chart on Byrdbored since it was pre-1981.  However, it is making up for lost time now as it lands at #1 this week on the Vault Albums Chart.  It all started like it does many times.  I watched a 2017 concert of Billy Joel at Bonnaroo, and I had honestly forgotten how much I enjoy Joel’s music.  After watching it, I spent most of last week blasting Billy Joel songs and loving it!  Joel was a Byrdbored mainstay in the early 1980’s and even won the first-ever Male Vocalist of the Year in 1981.  However, for some reason I never bought his albums and listened to them much.  I concentrated on his singles and he has charted fourteen Byrdy Dozen hits over the years.  The Vault charts will most likely set this right now as I am going back and listening to all his songs and albums with “The Stranger” being the first of those trips down memory lane.  The album “Glass Houses” also enters the Vault Albums chart at #11, and his song, “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)”, hit the Vault Singles Chart at #6 this week.

Last week’s #1 album, “Continuum”, by John Mayer drops to #2 but still has a ton of momentum.  Def Leppard’s “High ‘N’ Dry”, drops to #3, but also has a great deal of steam in the tank for coming weeks.  Queen debuts in the Byrdy Dozen with “News Of The World” at #4.  The 1977 album contains their classic “We Will Rock You” which landed in the Vault Singles Chart at #3 this week which helped to drive the album onto the albums chart.  Rounding out the top five is the debut self-titled album from Led Zeppelin which moves up one to #5.

There were five debuts on the Vault Albums chart including Billy Joel’s “The Stranger” at #1, Queen’s “News Of The World” at #4, “No Jacket Required” by Phil Collins at #8, DC Talk’s “Jesus Freak” at #10 and “Glass Houses” by Billy Joel at #11.  The Vault charts will most likely be more volatile than the current charts due to those charts being limited to what is new and Vault charts being open to anything non-current.  Therefore, there will be songs and albums drop and re-enter frequently depending on timing and mood.  This weeks droppers are “Chicago 17” by Chicago, Prince’s “1999”, “Blackbird” by Alter Bridge, Whitesnake’s “Slide It In” and the self-titled album by Genesis.


Phil Collins remains on top of the Vault Singles Chart with “In The Air Tonight” for a second week which is his fifth week overall on Byrdbored.  John Mayer also stays put at #2 with “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” from last week’s #1 album, “Continuum”.  Queen blasts into the Byrdy Dozen this week with “We Will Rock You” which jumped from #14 to #3.  “We Will Rock You” is definitely one of those no-brainer hits from the 1970’s that if Byrdbored had existed back then would have been a huge hit.  “Communication Breakdown” by Led Zeppelin remains steady at #4, while “Turn It On Again” by Genesis drops from #3 down to #5.

There were three debuts into the Vault Singles Chart as Queen entered at #3 with “We Will Rock You”, Billy Joel hit #6 with “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)”, and “Jesus Freak” by DC Talk landed at #10.  “Jesus Freak” spends it’s second week as the top Vault Christian song.  The three droppers were “Slow An’ Easy” by Whitesnake, “Tears” by John Waite and “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin'” by Journey.

The Byrd Trax total was up from 826 to 904 which included a Vault mix of 62% this week.  Since last week’s Vault mix was only 25%, it is somewhat of a surprise.  However, the mix will most likely shift from week to week based on many things like big album releases and mood.  In a perfect musical world, I would want a 50-50 split between new and Vault music, but we will see what happens in the coming weeks.

Congratulations to Phil Collins and Billy Joel who both had big weeks! Be sure to check out the Vault 40 section for more detail on the “Classic” hits of Byrdbored.  For now just enjoy a live version of Phil Collins and “In The Air Tonight” which is the only way to listen to the classic hit.  Enjoy and have a great week Byrd Heads!

Phil Collins Click pic for live performance of “In The Air Tonight”