First Flights – For The Week Ending August 7, 2021

After spending my Friday night searching through new songs and videos (it is always a party in the Byrdbored home studios), there is really only one true obvious impact song for next week’s chart. This might be a short one (that would be rare), but some weeks are just that simple. Just sit back and let me ramble on about the new Silk Sonic song while my coffee kicks in.

It is safe to say that anything Bruno Mars touches right now turns to music gold. I am beginning to believe he could do a cover of the ABC’s, and it would be the top downloaded song. I honestly know nothing about Anderson .Paak (except for the fact that he puts a period at the beginning of his name rather than the end), but it looks like he will be along for the ride this time around as the guys release (hopefully) a new album this year as the duo known as Silk Sonic.

Whether the album actually happens this year or not, the guys have released their second song, “Skate”. Their first, “Leave The Door Open”, is an overwhelming success hitting (#1) on the Billboard Hot 100 and being one of the most downloaded (and streamed) songs of 2021. It is a pop song that hit (#2) on Byrdbored which has been a rarity in recent years. “Leave The Door Open” could actually finish in the Byrdbored top 20 songs of 2021. The song might have been one of the first pop songs of 2021 that gave me encouragement that this year was going to be different and the tide of current day pop music might be shifting some (for the better).

“Skate” is a very fun Summer song without a doubt. Just like “Leave The Door Open” it is definitely a throwback to the 1970’s with a classic free-flowing vibe. It is the upbeat tune that I wanted from the guys as a follow-up, and I really think it will do well on Byrdbored (and even bigger in the real world). I don’t know if it will get all the way to (#2) like “Leave The Door Open” did, but it most definitely has top ten potential with top five being a possibility.

It is proof, however, that pop songs really are mostly about who is involved. If Bruno wasn’t on this song it wouldn’t be popular. I am sure young people listening to “Skate” have no idea how much of a throwback the song is. If not for the video they would definitely be wondering what “skate to me baby” means. Even if they are familiar with skating they don’t know the full extent of how big it was in the 1970’s with couples possibly having their first dates skating together. It was just considered good clean fun back then, and it would be something almost no young person today would even think of doing on a date.

When you consider the throwback sound and the nostalgia factor, it does put a smile on this old man’s face. Music should do that in my opinion. Even though I have my times I want other types of music, “Skate” is another breath of fresh air from Silk Sonic. It does have me looking forward to an entire album now which we still have no official date for. However, leave it to the .Byrdman to be that greedy and want more. My music addiction is out of control in 2021, but for now I will do no skating (not one of my talents) and just listen to “Skate” (and look for a woman that smells better than a BBQ) while basking in Bruno Mars’ mojo to turn any throwback song into a huge hit in any decade. I am not sure how much Anderson .Paak had to do with writing the song, and I certainly wouldn’t want to overlook his contributions. Whether he contributed a ton or not, he is one smart business man for aligning himself with Bruno.

The .Byrdman

Avril Lavigne Takes “My Happy Ending” To The Top Of Byrdbored In 2004

This very week in 2004, Avril Lavigne would score her 4th (#1) song (at the time) with “My Happy Ending”.  The hit would eventually spend six weeks on top and (14) weeks in the Byrdy Dozen.  It has been certified Diamond and is her biggest all-time hit on Byrdbored. Lavigne has earned eight (#1) singles and (19) Byrdy Dozen hits all-time.  She is currently ranked as the (#63) artist in Byrdbored history.

Avril Lavigne’s official music video for ‘My Happy Ending’. Click to listen to Avril Lavigne on Spotify:…

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