Whitesnake become 61st Artist With 2,000 Points; Eligible For The Nest Of Fame

Before May of 2019 I would have thought there was no way that Whitesnake was headed for the Nest Of Fame. Not only were they not releasing anything new, but I really wasn’t listening to their past catalog of music either. However, May 10, 2019 changed all that.

The release of “Flesh & Blood” wasn’t expected to be a big deal for me, but upon one listen I knew I was wrong with that assumption. Not only did “Flesh & Blood” return Whitesnake to (#1) on the Byrdbored Albums Chart, but it spent six weeks on top. The album finished 2019 as the (#3) album of the year.

By the time the dust settled, “Flesh & Blood” helped Whitesnake score (552) total points including six Byrdy Dozen hits. Five were top five hits including the (#1) hit, “Hey You (You Make Me Rock)”, which spent two weeks on top. The Snake was back, and I was definitely listening to all their past music as well.

Even with all those points earned, Whitesnake was still short of (2,000) heading into 2021. However, the release of their 25th anniversary edition of “Restless Heart” took care of that. The album was never released in the states so it seems like another new album to me (although it is definitely believable as the follow up to “Slip Of The Tongue). I am not sure what “Restless Heart”will do going forward, but David Coverdale and the guys hit (#1) on the Vault Albums Chart which put the Rock group over the minimum amount of points needed. They currently sit at (2,054) and are ranked (#57) in Byrdbored history.

They still have some work to do in order to get to the automatic Nest Of Fame amount of (2,500) points (since they easily have their 20 years as a band covered). However, that amount now seems possible even if “Restless Heart” doesn’t earn a ton more points. They now have momentum with all their past music and should also receive more points on the Vault Charts even without “Restless Heart”. It might take a few more years for the Snake to get there, but I am sure David Coverdale will “have a song for you” (and me) in the coming years.

To be eligible for the Byrdbored Nest Of Fame, it must be at least 20 years since an artist’s debut album, and they must have earned a minimum of (2,000) Byrdbored points. An artist will be automatically inducted if they meet the 20 year requirement and earn (2,500) points. For details on how points are earned check out the Byrd Notes category on the site.

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