Top Flights – October 2021

On September 17, 2021, Daughtry released their sixth album, “Dearly Beloved”. It is the follow up to 2018’s “Cage To Rattle” which was their first real disappointment for me. I felt like Chris Daughtry was trying to do his Adele impression. No offense to Adele, but that isn’t what Daughtry does best. “Cage To Rattle” was their first album to not hit (#1) on Byrdbored.

“Dearly Beloved” is a return to the Rock group’s roots, however, and it debuted on top of the SongByrd 60. It has spent six non-consecutive weeks on top and has already produced a (#1) hit, “The Victim”, which spent three weeks on top. “Dearly Beloved” has been certified 2x Platinum to date and looks to be an album I will be playing all the way through 2022.

The new album has most definitely sparked my interest in listening to all Daughtry’s early music. In October 2021, I went back to the very beginning roughly 15 years ago when the self-titled debut album absolutely blew up Byrdbored. The album re-entered the Byrdy Dozen to spend an additional week at (#1) on the Vault Albums Chart. That brings the total to (27) weeks on top and (113) weeks in the Byrdy Dozen on the Albums Chart to be certified 19x Platinum. The Daughtry self-titled debut is now ranked as the (#4) album in Byrdbored history. Daughtry has also moved to the (#11) artist in Byrdbored history, and with a great new album look for that position to only move higher in the coming months and years.

One of the classic songs from the 1980’s got a slight bump up in October 2021 as Journey’s “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” received some Vault chart action in the month. The song has spent a total of four weeks at (#1) and (23) weeks in the Byrdy Dozen. The hit has also spent (16) weeks as the top Rock song. It is featured on the (#16) album in Byrdbored history, “Frontiers”, and was originally released in 1983. “Separate Ways (World’s Apart)” is now ranked as the (#60) song in Byrdbored history.

Another 1980’s hit song, “Rough Boy”, by ZZ Top also received some additional points in October hitting (#1) on the Vault Singles Chart. The hit has now spent two weeks at (#1) since it also was a (#1) hit originally in 1986. It has spent a total of (25) weeks in the Byrdy Dozen and became the group’s second Diamond certified single in October. It has moved up to (#151) in Byrdbored history. ZZ Top moved to the (#76) artist in Byrdbored history during October as well.

Whitesnake has had a great couple of years since the release of their last new album, “Flesh & Blood” in May 2019. The album helped the guys rack up (552) points and score six Byrdy Dozen hits including the (#1) hit, “Hey You (You Make Me Rock)”. “Flesh & Blood” spent six weeks on top of the Albums chart and finished 2019 as the (#3) album of the year.

The end of October, Whitesnake released their 25th anniversary edition of “Restless Heart” which was originally released in 1996. However, it was never released in the United States. The album debuted at (#1) on the Vault Albums Chart and helped give the Rock group the points they needed to hit the minimum amount of points earned to be eligible for the Nest Of Fame. Whitesnake now have (2,054) points, and The Snake will now be on the hunt for the Nest Of Fame in the next few years. Whitesnake are now ranked as the (#57) artist in Byrdbored history.

Another band that has been getting close to the minimum amount of points needed for the Nest Of Fame are Duran Duran. The group did release their new album, “Future Past”, which peaked at (#10) in October. The album has also produced the (#6) hit single, “Invisible”, which peaked earlier in 2021. Despite what looks to be minor impact for the new album, Duran Duran’s past catalog does have some major hits that can earn some more points over the next year or so. Duran Duran does move up to the (#63) artist in Byrdbored history with (1,974) points all time.

The Foo Fighters have really made a killing in 2021 and scored a major Vault (#1) hit single with 2007’s “The Pretender” which spent two weeks on top. The song should finish the year as one of the top Vault Rock songs and their album, “Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace”, also peaked at (#3) during October 2021. The Foo Fighters were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame this year and have moved up to the (#77) artist in Byrdbored history with (1,661) points.

At the beginning of 2020, I set out on a mission to listen to all of George Strait’s albums from the very beginning. I have always liked King George, but admittedly have never listened to all of his early 1980’s albums. I generally didn’t listen to a ton of Country at that time. I can definitely say it is making an impact and his 1983 album, “Right Or Wrong”, hit (#1) on the Vault Albums Chart. King George has been slowly moving up the all-time artists list and has now hit (#88) as of October 2021. I would expect George Strait to continue his slow but steady move up Byrdbored in the coming years.

OneRepublic released their fifth studio album, “Human”, on August 27, 2021. The album peaked at (#4) for four weeks and has been a steady performer late this year. The album features “Run” which peaked at (#2) on the SongByrd 60 and is the third top five hit from “Human”. Ryan Tedder and company have really made an impact and seem to be gaining a ton of momentum with their past music as well. They have now moved to the (#110) artist in Byrdbored history with (1,125) points. With a strong new album and some great older music, I expect OneRepublic to continue their march up Byrdbored.

There is no doubt 2021 has been the year of Dua Lipa on Byrdbored. This young lady has torched her way up the Byrdbored charts with the front-runner for Album of the Year with “Future Nostalgia”. She has scored a total of seven hit singles on Byrdbored (including Vault hits) in the year. “Future Nostalgia” was certified 6x Platinum in October 2021 and is currently ranked as the (#123) album in Byrdbored history. The album is still currently in the top ten on the Albums chart and easily can make it’s way much higher on the list on into 2022. Dua Lipa has racked up (914) points so far in 2021 and is currently ranked (#133) in Byrdbored history. Her current top ten song is “Cool” and is her fifth hit from “Future Nostalgia”.

Darius Rucker is having a resurgence on Byrdbored led by his (#2) SongByrd 60 hit single, “My Masterpiece”. Rucker has also earned points on the Vault charts as his debut Country album, “Learn To Live”, hit (#1) on the Vault Albums Chart and produced the (#2) Vault Single, “History In The Making”. If Rucker releases a new album early in 2022 he could really get on a roll. Darius Rucker is currently ranked as the (#147) artist in Byrdbored history.

Be sure to check out the Byrd Notes category for any questions about the point & certification system along with info about how Byrdbored works or any updates about changes coming down the road.

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