The 41st Annual Byrdbored Music Awards Set For January 2022

The 41st annual Byrdbored Music Awards are now set for Saturday, January 29, 2022 in the plush Byrdbored home studios. Byrdbored will spare no expense and has actually hired security to protect all the ballots and there is no way the winners will be known until after the official ceremonies. Nothing gets past this vicious guard dog (Cash) especially since the winners will be hidden in his ball. No one messes with Cash’s ball. Looking forward to another year of fun and excitement announcing all the winners for 2021 which has been a banner year for sure. Keep flyin’ high Byrd Heads!

Byrdbored Music Awards Celebrate 40 Years; Recognize All-Time Leaders

After 40 years of Byrdbored Music Awards, here are the Byrdy Dozen leaders for most BMA’s all-time:

(#1) Keith Urban (64)
(#2) Skillet (57)
(#3) Jeremy Camp (43)
(#4) Jason Aldean (38)
(#5) Def Leppard (35)
(#6) Rascal Flatts (33)
(#7) Lonestar (27)
(#8) Nickelback (26)
(#9) Shania Twain (24)
(#10) Tim McGraw (23)
(#11) MercyMe (23)
(#12) 3 Doors Down (21)

For more details on the all-time winners of the BMA’s check out the Byrdbored Music Awards page.

Jeremy Camp
Jason Aldean
Def Leppard

Keith Urban Top Points Earner For 2020!

One last Byrdbored Music Award for 2020, and it is very fitting that it goes to Keith Urban who edges out AC/DC for the most overall points earned in 2020 (combined for current and Vault music Charts). Urban earned (893) compared to AC/DC’s (888) in one of the closest battles in recent memory. This is the third time Urban has won the overall point earner for a year with wins in 2010 and 2011. Congrats Keith Urban on a fantastic year.

Vault Entertainers Of The Year For 2020!

The Byrdbored Vault Awards for 2020 continue with the Vault Entertainer of the Year. Since I have gone through most of the vital statistics for the winners, I will give some details on the overall Vault points earned by the highest Vault performers of the year.

(#1) Billy Joel (705)
(#2) Phil Collins (677)
(#3) John Mayer (618)
(#4) Led Zeppelin (576)
(#5) INXS (467)
(#6) Van Halen (435)
(#7) Def Leppard (421)
(#8) George Strait (354)
(#9) Ronnie Milsap (343)
(#10) AC/DC (325)
(#11) Hall & Oates (314)
(#12) Styx (276)
(#13) Orianthi (274)
(#14) Rob Thomas (271)
(#15) DC Talk (260)
(#16) Night Ranger (245)
(#17) Prince (230)
(#18) Foreigner (219)
(#19) Skillet (203)
(#20) Reba McEntire (201)

Billy Joel takes the overall pop/rock Vault Entertainer with the most Vault points earned. George Strait has the most points of any Country artist, while DC Talk leads all Vault Christian Contemporary artists. Congrats to all the Vault winners for 2020 including the Vault Entertainers of the Year.

George Strait
DC Talk

DC Talk Win Vault Christian Song & Album For 2020!

The Vault Byrdbored Music Awards for 2020 is now up to the Christian Contemporary Vault Song and Album of the year. DC Talk blasted onto the Christian music scene in the late 1980’s and most definitely could be credited with breaking down some barriers with their fusion of pop, rock, hip/hop rap, R&B soul and funk. By the mid-90s they were arguably the biggest Christian act on the planet. Their 1995 album and title track, “Jesus Freak”, took the lead in 2020 on the Vault Charts. The single “Jesus Freak” hit (#1) on the SongByrd 60 Vault Singles Chart and spent (20) weeks as the top Christian Contemporary single. That was one shy of Skillet’s 2009 hit, “Monster”, which spent (21). The hit finished 2020 as the (#2) Vault song of the year. Their album, “Jesus Freak”, would hit (#1) on the Vault Albums Chart and spend two weeks on top. The album finished the year as the (#10) Vault album of 2020. Congrats to DC Talk for winning the top Christian Contemporary Vault song and album of 2020.

Vault Female Vocalists Of 2020!

The Vault Byrdbored Music Awards continue with the Vault Female Vocalist Awards for 2020.

Orianthi Penny Panagaris (now you know why she goes by Orianthi) hit Byrdbored in 2009 with her (#1) hit “According To You” which was more Avril Lavigne than the blues rock she is focusing on now. She had to start somewhere though and start she did! She grew up on Hendrix and Zeppelin, and I have always said she has the misfortune (if you look at the glass as half empty) of being too young. If she was recording music in the 1980’s she would have been HUGE! Nonetheless, she is huge on Byrdbored and she takes the Vault pop/rock Female Vocalist for 2020. She collected (274) Vault points and was the highest rated female at (#13) on the Vault Charts. Her 2012 album, “Heaven In This Hell”, hit (#1) on the Vault Albums Chart and was played throughout the end of 2020. Orianthi also took the current female artist of the year for 2020 which now gives her five female artists of the year awards all-time. Congrats to miss Orianthi. You rock!

Reba McEntire needs no introduction. After all, she is most definitely a Country legend. In 2020, Reba received the most Vault points of any female Country artist with (201) and at the end of the year her album, “Rumor Has It”, was in major rotation every week. She easily takes the Vault Country female artist for 2020 which is the fifth time she has won female artist (including Vault awards). Congrats to Reba McEntire for some great classic Country. I would expect her music to continue to be played for years to come. Classic!

Amy Grant also needs no introduction in Christian Comtemporary circles especially. She is a legend who also broke through in the pop world in the early 1990’s. She is the Christian Contemporary Vault female artist for 2020 largely thanks to her late year play of her Christmas release which includes “Tennessee Christmas” which hit (#2) on the Vault Singles Chart. The album, “A Christmas Album”, hit (#1) on the Vault Albums Chart and finished 2020 at (#17) for the year. Amy Grant also took the overall female vocalist back in 1992 so this is her second win for female vocalist all-time. Congrats to Amy Grant for great classic music and one of the true classic Christmas songs of all time. 😎

Reba McEntire
Amy Grant

Vault Male Vocalists Of 2020!

The 2020 Vault Byrdbored Music Awards continue with the Vault Male Vocalist for the year. The overall male was very, very close with Billy Joel, John Mayer and Phil Collins all having incredible years.

It seems Billy Joel has come full circle on Byrdbored as he was the very first male vocalist in 1981. In 2020, Joel had a phenomenal Vault year with two (#1) hit songs, “You May Be Right” and “It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me” along with a (#2) hit, “Pressure”. He also had two (#1) albums with “Glass Houses” finishing as the (#2) Vault album of the year and his classic 1977 album, “The Stranger” finishing as the (#12) album of 2020. In the end, Joel earned (705) points which was only (28) more than Phil Collins. Congrats to Billy Joel who is the 2020 Vault Male Vocalist of 2020.

George Strait is most definitely a Country icon and legend, but in 2020 I began my journey through all his music with his classic album, “Strait From The Heart”. He scored the (#1) Vault hit, “Amarillo By Morning”, and the (#3) hit, “Marina Del Rey”, from the album. The album itself was huge spending six weeks at (#1) and finishing as the (#4) Vault album of 2020. Strait finished the year winning in a close race with another country legend, Ronnie Milsap, who finished only eleven points behind Strait. It is only natural that King George takes his rightful place as the Vault Country Male vocalist of 2020. Congrats King George.

Steven Curtis Chapman is truly a music legend and one of my all-time favorites. He was inducted as the eighth member of the Byrdbored Nest Of Fame in 2008 and he truly is one of the most influential Christian Contemporary artists ever. This is his fifteenth Byrdbored Music Award all-time. Congrats to Steven Curtis Chapman, the 2020 Vault Christian Contemporary Male vocalist of 2020.

George Strait
Steven Curtis Chapman

Vault Groups Of The Year For 2020!

The 2020 Byrdbored Vault Awards are now up to the Vault Group of the Year Award. It was a very interesting return of the Vault Charts in 2020, and I listened to a ton of great classic music.

I obviously didn’t listen to Led Zeppelin in my youth since the 1970’s were their prime, and I was born in 1971. However, there is no doubt when I listen now that a ton of the rock bands I listened to in my youth were definitely influenced by them. In 2020, I listened to the band’s first three albums throughout the year. Led Zeppelin’s self-titled debut album finished the year as the (#11) album of 2020 and their second release, “Led Zeppelin II”, finished the year at (#16). Their third release, “Led Zeppelin III”, didn’t finish high landing at (#53) for the year but included their biggest hit single, “Immigrant Song”, which hit (#2) on the Vault Singles Chart and finished 2020 at (#23). “Communication Breakdown” hit (#4) on the Vault Singles Chart and “Heartbreaker” peaked at (#7). Obviously my journey with Zeppelin is long from over as I plan on continuing to listen to all their albums over the next few years. To illustrate the bands impact in 2020, they were the ninth most listened to artist of the year with (915) songs played and they were the top Vault group. Congrats to Led Zeppelin for being the 2020 Vault Group of the Year.

Lonestar is one of my all-time favorites and dominated my charts from the mid-1990’s through the early 2000’s in particular. It was a very close finish for the Vault Country Group for 2020 as Lonestar and Alabama battled most of the year. In the end, Lonestar would edge out the guys from Alabama by only two points. Lonestar’s Christmas album, “This Christmas Time”, might have been the difference hitting (#1) late in the year. This is the 27th BMA for Lonestar all-time. Congrats to Lonestar for being the 2020 Vault Country Group of the Year.

DC Talk was never really on my radar during their prime, but that is one of the reasons for my Vault charts in the first place. I have a friend that was a big fan in the day (shout out to Sir Jim Hamilton). The guys have already won for Christian Contemporary Vault song and album of the year for “Jesus Freak”. The song “Jesus Freak” finished (#2) for 2020 and the album finished (#10) for the year. Both hit (#1) during the year. DC Talk finished as the (#15) Vault artist of 2020 and the top Christian group. Congrats to DC Talk for being the 2020 Christian Contemporary Vault Group of the Year.

DC Talk

George Strait Wins Vault Country Song & Album Of The Year For 2020!

The Byrdbored Vault Awards for 2020 continue with the Vault Country song and album of the year. George Strait had a great Vault year as I am currently going back through all of his albums starting from the beginning. Strait has the top Vault song with his classic “Amarillo By Morning” which hit overall (#1) on the SongByrd 60 Vault Singles Chart and spent ten weeks in the Byrdy Dozen. It also spent six weeks as the top Vault Country song. The album in which “Amarillo By Morning” is featured, “Strait From The Heart”, also hit the top of the Vault Albums Chart for six weeks and spent (24) weeks in the Byrdy Dozen. “Strait From The Heart” is ranked as the (#4) Vault Album overall, and the album is the top Vault Country album for Strait in 2020. I would expect Strait to be a regular on the Vault Charts over the next few years since he has a ton of albums to go through. Congrats to King George Strait for winning the Vault Country Song and Album for 2020.

John Mayer Wins Vault Song & Album For 2020!

The Byrdbored Vault Awards for 2020 kick off with the Pop/Rock Award for both Song and Album of the year. John Mayer had easily the most played Vault song of 2020 with “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” receiving (200) plays in the year. The hit spent three weeks at (#1) and (18) weeks in the Vault Byrdy Dozen to take the crown. His album, “Continuum”, would receive (768) song plays and easily be the most played album. “Continuum” would spend eight weeks at (#1) and spent (51) of the (52) weeks in the Vault Albums Byrdy Dozen. “Continuum” therefore is awarded the Vault Pop/Rock album for 2020.

Entertainers Of The Year For 2020!

Next up for the Byrdbored Music Awards is the big one! The Entertainer of the Year for 2020 isn’t a big surprise despite being a big award. Keith Urban takes the overall Entertainer surprisingly for only the second time. He also won the overall award in 2010. He also takes the Country Entertainer Award for a not surprisingly eighth time. In ten of the last twelve years, the Country Entertainer has gone to either Urban or Jason Aldean. The Christian Entertainer for 2020 is also no surprise as Skillet wins it for the sixth time. Congrats to both Urban and all the members of Skillet for another fantastic year.

Albums Of The Year For 2020!

The Byrdbored Music Awards continue with the Albums of the Year for 2020. Although I realize most people have long since forgotten about albums, they are a major part of what I listen to. A great new album can fuel a lot of music listening for me including an artist’s older music. Let’s look at each award winner.

For those of you that think Richard Marx stopped recording music in the mid-90’s, this one comes as a surprise to you. “Limitless” was a surprise for even me since Marx had never won my pop/rock album of the year. The album spent twelve weeks at (#1) and had the most songs played during the year with (902). Even though Marx was inducted into the Nest Of Fame in 2009, he still has some great new music and some tricks up his sleeve in the future I am sure. His song-writing has always been underrated and in many ways he might be one of the most underrated artist ever. Congrats to Richard Marx for this win. Marx now has five BMA wins all-time and is ranked as the (#16) artist in Byrdbored history.

Keith Urban probably came within a month or so of having the overall (#1) album for 2020. His album was released late in the year and came within (77) song plays of “Limitless” by Richard Marx. If it had been released maybe a month earlier who knows. However, “The Speed Of Now Part 1” easily won Country Album of the year and it is the seventh time Urban has won this award. Urban is starting to pull away this year for most Awards all-time. Congrats to Urban for another great album.

Jeremy Camp wins the Christian Contemporary Award for Album of the Year for his ninth time as “The Story’s Not Over” takes the crown this year. Camp really has been a focal point for Christian music since his arrival in 2002. There isn’t much he hasn’t won in the Christian world and Byrdbored isn’t any different. He is ranked as the (#11) artist all-time and will be a lock for the Nest Of Fame for the 2022 class. Camp has now won (43) BMA Awards all-time. Congrats to Camp for another solid Christian album.

Skillet needs no praise that I haven’t already given them. Praise is truly not why they do what they do. Skillet has been rockin’ now since 1996. “Victorious” is the latest album for the band to win the Christian Rock Album of the year. It is the eighth time overall for John Cooper and the band. They released a deluxe version of the album in 2020 which did boost it late in the year. Skillet is simply the class of Christian Rock as far as I am concerned so this one probably won’t surprise anyone. Skillet has now won (57) BMA awards and is currently ranked as the (#9) artist in Byrdbored history. Congrats for another album win.