Byrdnotes – New Category Top Flights

The latest new Byrdbored Category will be Top Flights which will feature all-time songs, albums or artists that have been on the move of late. There are Top Flight pages which feature the top songs, albums and artists for a given year (2019 and 2020) and decade (2010-2019), however, the new category will focus on all-time rankings. This will most likely be a monthly write-up which will highlight some of the higher ranked songs, albums or artists that are on the rise. Although occasionally I might update a significant change for a given week. Eventually I do plan on adding Top Flight pages for all-time songs, albums and artists, but that will most likely happen in conjunction with the celebration of 50 years of Byrdbored in 2030.

As far as the Top Flights category is concerned, if a song were to start a run on the Vault Singles Chart, Top Flights would be the vehicle used to update where the song moved up on the all-time list. Byrdbored is very fluid now that the Vault charts are involved and things can change week-to-week. However, a monthly update should capture most of the important changes with only major changes being updated more often.

The debut will be soon featuring the biggest changes for the month of June 2021. Keep Flyin’ High Byrd Heads!


Byrdnotes – Website Pages

I just wanted to write some brief Byrd notes to help explain the pages at the top of the website (or the pull down menu on the top left of the website if you are using your phone). I currently have 14 pages including a Nest (Home) page where all the Byrdbored music information is posted. The contact is just to email me and the subscribe is to be able to receive email updates when I post any items. Those are pretty self explanatory, but some of the others may not be to everyone.

Byrd Trax – This is the weekly song play total (with Vault broken out separately) along with some yearly averages just for comparisons from year-to-year.

SongByrd 60 – The current top 60 songs and albums on Byrdbored for a given week (week end date is posted).

Vault SongByrd 60 – The non-current top 60 songs and albums on Byrdbored for a given week (week end date is posted).

SongByrd 60 Artists – The top 60 artists for a given week (week end date is posted). This chart is for all artists played. It doesn’t matter if I played new or old music from the artists for this chart.

Certification Cage – Much like the real world of music certifies songs and albums (Gold, Platinum, Diamond), Byrdbored does as well. Byrdbored uses points earned to certify instead of sales. This page tracks the certifications for songs and albums month-by-month.

New Flights – This page is for new album release dates coming in the near future (usually the current year).

Top Flights pages – Each year I will add a top flights page which sums up the top songs, albums and artists for that year. I also added a page for top songs, albums and artists for the last decade (2010-2019).

Byrdbored Music Awards – This page ranks the artists that have won the most BMA awards from most to least.

Nest of Fame – Byrdbored’s version of the Hall of Fame and which artists have been inducted along with the year of their induction.

As usual, if you have any questions about the website, shot me an email and I will be glad to address them.

SongByrd Artists Chart Starts In 2020!

2020 will not only be the year I bring back Vault charts, but it will also be the year of the SongByrd artists chart. This is an idea I have been knocking around in my head for awhile. The idea is to have points awarded to the most listened to artists of the week. It also doesn’t have to be “current” artists for my purposes. If I play songs by anyone it counts somewhere on my charts starting in 2020.

I actually feel 2020 is the perfect year to start the artists chart since the Vault charts will work in conjunction with them, and I believe will end up giving Vault artists their just rewards for consistency. A band like Journey, for instance, has a ton of music over the years. I still play Journey quite often (even without new music from them). Even if they don’t ever hit #1 artist on the chart, they could spend a ton of weeks in the Byrdy Dozen and still earn points. I believe if I am still playing an artist after all these years they deserve the additional points. The “current” artists also deserve credit for being the top played artists despite a huge catalog of hits from the Vault artists.

Therefore starting in 2020, the SongByrd Artists chart will begin. The point system will be exactly like the Byrdy Dozen songs are (check the Byrdnotes category for details). These points will add to the artist total that they have earned for songs and albums and adds some interest each week to see who are the most played artists in total for the week. As stated earlier, it doesn’t matter how new or old the artist is. If I play them they will be rewarded.

My ultimate goal is to determine who my all-time artists are, and I believe the combination of Vault charts and an artist chart will help me get there. There are so many instances that I have seen where I missed a song or album that I actually like (or in some cases have grown to love) because of being younger or lack of money or whatever the reason. Sometimes I just down right missed it. The additional charts should allow me about a decade (if I am still here in a decade) to “set things right” for the songs and albums I have missed. I am thinking 50 years will be my stopping point unless I change my mind. Obviously, the songs and albums before 1981 also get a chance to be represented if I play them enough. I am particularly interested in artists like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Elton John, Chuck Berry and many more that I simply was too young to play all their music.

As always, send me an email with any comments or questions about music to 2020 should be a blast! Participate in the fun! 2020 will mark 40 years of Byrdbored and still rolling….

Byrdbored Vault Charts Coming in 2020! Byrdbored Will Officially Be Timeless!

It is official! The Byrdbored Vault charts are coming in 2020!  It is part of the celebration of 40 years of Byrdbored.  The charts will be a Byrdy Dozen for songs and albums that are anything that is not current.  Therefore, it could be a song or album that I still play today no matter how old, or it could be a song or album from the past that I never originally played but have began to play now.

This would be particularly interesting for Classic Flight bands that I was too young to play (since Byrdbored started in 1981).  Bands like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Cream, Deep Purple and many more would now receive Byrdbored points if I played their songs or albums by them.

I could also stumble into bands that maybe had older albums that I missed along the way, and could now catch up on.  It opens up Byrdbored to anything that I am playing will be charted in some way. Byrdbored will now be officially timeless!

Anyone that has any artists that I might like can just email me at, and I will give them a listen.  Looking forward to 2020 and celebrating 40 years of Byrdbored!

Vault Charts 1

Byrdnotes – Byrdbored Point & Certification System

Byrdbored uses a Byrdy Dozen singles and albums chart to assign points to determine the biggest songs and albums.  The following details the points earned under the Byrdbored system based on where songs and albums peak:

#1 – 50 points (100 points for albums), #2 – 45 points (90 points for albums), #3 – 40 points (80 points for albums), #4 – 35 points (70 points for albums), #5 – 30 points (60 points for albums), #6 – 25 points (50 points for albums), #7 – 20 points (40 points for albums), #8 – 15 points (30 points for albums), #9 – 10 points (20 points for albums), #10 – 5 points (10 points for albums), #11 – 4 points (8 points for albums), #12 – 2 points (4 points for albums).

In addition, songs and albums that peak in the top five receive additional points for multiple weeks at the peak as follows:

#1 – 5 points for each additional week (10 points for albums), #2 – 4 points for each additional week (8 points for albums), #3 – 3 points for each additional week (6 points for albums), #4 – 2 points for each additional week (4 points for albums), #5 – 1 point for each additional week (2 points for albums).

Each song and album receives two additional points for each week spent in the Byrdy Dozen.

The Byrdbored Certification System for songs is as follows:

Gold – 50 points or more, Platinum – 75 points or more, Diamond – 100 points or more

The Byrdbored Certification System for albums is as follows:

Gold – 100 points or more, Platinum – 125 points or more (each additional 25 points earns another level. For instance, 150 points is double platinum), Diamond – 350 points or more.