Whitesnake become 61st Artist With 2,000 Points; Eligible For The Nest Of Fame

Before May of 2019 I would have thought there was no way that Whitesnake was headed for the Nest Of Fame. Not only were they not releasing anything new, but I really wasn’t listening to their past catalog of music either. However, May 10, 2019 changed all that.

The release of “Flesh & Blood” wasn’t expected to be a big deal for me, but upon one listen I knew I was wrong with that assumption. Not only did “Flesh & Blood” return Whitesnake to (#1) on the Byrdbored Albums Chart, but it spent six weeks on top. The album finished 2019 as the (#3) album of the year.

By the time the dust settled, “Flesh & Blood” helped Whitesnake score (552) total points including six Byrdy Dozen hits. Five were top five hits including the (#1) hit, “Hey You (You Make Me Rock)”, which spent two weeks on top. The Snake was back, and I was definitely listening to all their past music as well.

Even with all those points earned, Whitesnake was still short of (2,000) heading into 2021. However, the release of their 25th anniversary edition of “Restless Heart” took care of that. The album was never released in the states so it seems like another new album to me (although it is definitely believable as the follow up to “Slip Of The Tongue). I am not sure what “Restless Heart”will do going forward, but David Coverdale and the guys hit (#1) on the Vault Albums Chart which put the Rock group over the minimum amount of points needed. They currently sit at (2,054) and are ranked (#57) in Byrdbored history.

They still have some work to do in order to get to the automatic Nest Of Fame amount of (2,500) points (since they easily have their 20 years as a band covered). However, that amount now seems possible even if “Restless Heart” doesn’t earn a ton more points. They now have momentum with all their past music and should also receive more points on the Vault Charts even without “Restless Heart”. It might take a few more years for the Snake to get there, but I am sure David Coverdale will “have a song for you” (and me) in the coming years.

To be eligible for the Byrdbored Nest Of Fame, it must be at least 20 years since an artist’s debut album, and they must have earned a minimum of (2,000) Byrdbored points. An artist will be automatically inducted if they meet the 20 year requirement and earn (2,500) points. For details on how points are earned check out the Byrd Notes category on the site.

Nest Of Fame – Steven Curtis Chapman (2009)

Christian Contemporary music began in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s around the time I was born in 1971. Needless to say, that time period is a blur to me (although I am sure I started bopping my head to music in my crib), but every music genre has to have a starting point. Before I address Steven Curtis Chapman I want to briefly discuss some of the artists that paved his way (although I certainly can’t list them all). After all, without these pioneers there are no artists like Steven Curtis Chapman.

There are always influences that start the engine of any musical movement, and “Jesus Music” as it was called at the beginning had many. In 1968, a one-hit Rock band called “People!“ lost its lead singer, Larry Norman, who is commonly known as the “father of Christian Rock”. Rock in this context mostly means music that was outside the norm of the church. It didn’t have as much to do with the sound as it did the fact that it was new and during that time anything was considered Rock if it was “different”.

There were many that followed Norman. Petra (most certainly Rock) and Steve Camp were influenced by Norman. Andrae Crouche had come through traditional African-American Gospel, but transitioned into a more Motown inspired sound. Many others helped lay the ground work in the 1970’s like Keith Green and Phil Keaggy. The group known as Truth was initially composed of fifteen members who toured extensively year-round, eventually recording frequently as well. Truth had many members that moved onto solo and/or other group success such as 4Him in the 1990’s.

The 1980’s saw an even greater degree of popularity (relatively speaking) with Amy Grant and Michael Card coming into the mix. Grant was a runaway success and one of her piano players, Michael W. Smith, eventually broke himself and has been a force in the industry for decades. Both Grant and Smith had “crossover” hits that played on secular radio (which made some folks uncomfortable), but brought more media attention to Christian music.

Other artists like Wayne Watson and Twila Paris were Folk-Rock additions. Sandi Patti was on the more traditional side and shared the stage many times with the Gaithers who inspired many. Steve Green and Larnell Harris also attracted some popular attention to the industry. Russ Taff sung a variety of musical styles throughout his career including Pop/Rock, traditional Southern Gospel, Contemporary Country and R&B.

By the late 1980’s, Steven Curtis Chapman and Rich Mullins entered the picture and helped move the genre into even more popularity along with DC Talk who brought a more Rap and Rock influenced style. The Newsboys also broke in the early 1990’s and are still recording music today.

It is easy to forget all the ground work that was laid before Steven Curtis Chapman came into the picture. However, I feel it is important to acknowledge the pioneers that made it possible for him to come into the Christian music scene and advance it even further with his talent and consistency for decades. There is an interesting documentary coming out called “Jesus Music” that goes much more in-depth for those interested in exploring the history of Christian Contemporary music.

Now that some history is out of the way, what did Steven Curtis Chapman mean to me? Even though I would definitely say that Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith were two of my early Christian favorites, Steven Curtis Chapman has a special place in my heart. For me personally, he has had more longevity, and I loved his music (and still do) for much longer. His consistency separated him from the pack, and he is easily my first Christian artist to be inducted into the Nest Of Fame in 2009.

Chapman’s recording career began in 1987 with “First Hand” followed up with 1988’s “Real Life Conversations”. Although I was aware of Chapman at that point neither album produced a Byrdbored hit or charted in the top ten on the Albums chart. It was 1989’s “More To This Life” album that finally broke through with the title cut going to (#8) and “I Will Be Here” hitting (#7). The album, “More To This Life”, also became Chapman’s first top ten album peaking at (#4).

1990 would bring Chapman’s first (#1) album with “For The Sake Of The Call” hitting 2x Platinum and producing two (#1) hits with the title cut and “No Better Place”. 1992 might have been the real blasting off point for Steven Curtis Chapman, however, as the song “The Great Adventure” became one of my all-time favorites spending four weeks at (#1) and (26) weeks in the top ten. The song is currently ranked as the (#73) song in Byrdbored history, and the album, “The Great Adventure”, peaked at (#3) giving Chapman his third straight top five album.

1994 would bring Chapman’s second (#1) album as “Heaven In The Real World” would hit Platinum and the title cut would also peak at (#2) on the Singles Chart. It was becoming apparent that Chapman was going to be a regular on Byrdbored, and it seemed as though he was hitting a rhythm that his predecessors had not. Both Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith had stopped charting by the mid-1990s and Chapman was my top Christian solo artist by this point.

His 1996 album, “Signs Of Life”, would be a first real set back for Chapman, however, as it didn’t chart on Byrdbored or produce any hit singles. As it often happens with legendary artists, however, Chapman was only getting started. His 1999 album, “Speechless”, would simply become one of my favorite Christian Contemporary albums of all-time. It would eventually spend ten weeks at (#1) and (57) weeks in the top ten to be certified 8x Platinum on Byrdbored. It is currently ranked as the (#69) album in Byrdbored history and ranked as the (#4) Christian Contemporary album behind only Jeremy Camp’s debut, “Stay”, Skillet’s “Comatose” and MercyMe’s “Lifer”.

“Speechless” would also produce three (#1) singles with “Dive” being the biggest hit spending six weeks on top and (21) weeks in the top ten. “Dive” is ranked even higher than “The Great Adventure” coming in at (#55) all-time. “Whatever” and “Next Five Minutes” would also hit the top with “The Change” peaking at (#6).

The follow-up to “Speechless” would have a tough task ahead of it, but would definitely leave it’s own mark in history. “Declaration” would be released in 2001 and become Chapman’s fourth (#1) spending six weeks on top and (59) weeks in the top ten. Even though some of the radio singles were not as strong for me personally, the album cuts were incredible! The album cranked out another three (#1) hits including “See The Glory”, “Bring It On” and “Live Out Loud”. “Jesus Is Life” also peaked at (#2) for four weeks. “Declaration” is currently certified 6x Platinum on Byrdbored.

In 2004, Chapman released “All Things New” which would be a slight disappointment despite peaking at (#2) for four weeks and being certified 2x Platinum. It would score another (#1) hit in “Only Getting Started” and a top five with “Believe Me Now” hitting (#4). Chapman had been at such a high level in the previous five years that a 2x Platinum (#2) album was a let down which speaks volumes.

2007 would mark another huge album for Chapman as “This Moment” would bring him back to (#1) for six weeks. Since it was released in late 2007, the album actually performed even better in 2008 when it finished the year as the (#1) album of 2008 beating out other artists like 3 Doors Down, Def Leppard and Shinedown that all had been huge Byrdbored artists in their own right for years. “This Moment” is actually ranked as Chapman’s second highest album spending (64) weeks in the Byrdy Dozen and certified 7x Platinum. Twenty years after Chapman’s recording career began, he had the (#1) album of the year on Byrdbored.

“This Moment” scored another two (#1) hit singles with “Miracle Of The Moment” and “Something Crazy” along with two other top five hits, “You Are Being Loved” and “Cinderella”. “Cinderella” is particularly special having a daughter in my life.

In 2011, Chapman would release a hybrid “Re:Creation” album which would combine re-recorded hits and some new material. Since I am always on record for not liking re-recorded hits, I only listened to the new songs. However, those songs were enough to get the album to (#3) and produce the (#3) hit, “Meant To Be”.

I remember having very mixed feelings at this point in Chapman’s career, because a release like “Re:Creation” might have marked the beginning of the end. Well, as it turns out it might have (at least it seems that way). However, Steven would have one more album up his sleeve that reminded me he still had some gas left in the tank.

2013’s “The Glorious Unfolding” would land Chapman’s eighth overall (#1) album (including Christmas releases which I didn’t cover here). It actually spent (40) weeks in the Byrdy Dozen and be certified 3x Platinum to become his fourth highest certified release. It contains another two (#1) hits in “Love Take Me Over” and “Only One And Only You” along with two more (#2) hits, “Take Another Step” and “Something Beautiful”. 26 years after he started, Chapman was still scoring (#1) hits which is always astonishing to me.

Although it appears that “The Glorious Unfolding” might be Chapman’s last huge album (as he seems to have moved into semi-retirement from recording music), he has left this huge music fan with many great memories. Through all of his own ups and downs (including the loss of a child, Maria Sue, in 2008) he has always shown his heart and love of God. His talent is also undeniable and it goes without saying that God has blessed us music fans with someone like Steven. Chapman most certainly was made to spread God’s message and he has touched my life with his songs for over 30 years now.

Yes, there were certainly Christian artists before Steven Curtis Chapman. He wasn’t the first by any means, but in my mind he might just be one of the most consistent Christian artists ever. He is certainly the first Christian Contemporary artist to ever consistently chart songs and albums on Byrdbored for decades. He took the opportunity given to him from artists before him and made sure artists like Jeremy Camp, For King & Country and Lauren Daigle got their own opportunities to have their careers and continue to spread the ultimate message that is the most important of all. Chapman wasn’t the first Christian artist I listened to, but he might be the biggest reason I still listen to Christian music today.

Steven Curtis Chapman is the first Christian Contemporary artist to be inducted into the Nest Of Fame and the eighth overall artist with 14 (#1) songs, (27) Byrdy Dozen Singles, 8 (#1) albums, 15 Byrdy Dozen albums and (4,083) points (currently).

Click pic for more info about Steven Curtis Chapman

John Mayer Becomes 60th Artist With 2,000 Or More Points

John Mayer is officially charting in his 20th year on Byrdbored. He has been very busy on the Vault charts over the last year and a half scoring the 2020 Vault Album of the Year with “Continuum” and the 2020 Vault Single of the Year with “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room”. He has recently released a new single, “Last Train Home”, which is currently at (#8) on the SongByrd 60 Singles Chart. His new album, “Sob Rock”, is set to drop July 16, 2021. It is all good for Mr. Mayer.

Mayer also receives good news to get excited about as he becomes the 60th artist to earn (2,000) or more points on Byrdbored. Mayer has received (2,069) points to date and is currently ranked the (#56) artist in Byrdbored history. Since 2021 is Mayer’s 20th year since the release of “Room For Squares” (his first official album), he will be eligible for the Nest of Fame at the end of 2021 and induction in 2022. (2,000) points are only a minimum, however, and it won’t guarantee Mayer makes it in his first year of eligibility. He will have to get to (2,500) points or more to guarantee induction, however, it is just a matter of time for Mayer who does have a great deal of potential points on the board the last six months of 2021 and beyond.

John Mayer has scored one of the top 100 albums in Byrdbored history with “Continuum” which is currently ranked at (#72) and is currently certified 8x Platinum. Mayer has also landed seven (#1) songs all-time. Enjoy listening to live versions of those seven (#1) hits below.

Evanescence Becomes 59th Artist With 2,000 Or More Points On Byrdbored

Evanescence has become the most recent artist to earn 2,000 points or more with 2,073 points as of the week ending June 12, 2021. The group will not be eligible for the Nest of Fame until 2024, however, the 2,000 mark is the first hurdle for any artist.

Evanescence blasted onto the music scene in 2003 fronted by Amy Lee and rockin’ the world with “Bring Me To Life”. The single hit (#1) on Byrdbored and spent eight weeks on top while spending (30) weeks in the Byrdy Dozen. “Bring Me To Life” also spent ten weeks as the top Rock song. It is currently ranked as the (#9) song in Byrdbored history. The hit single was just the beginning as the band would drop their debut album, “Fallen”, in March of 2003. “Fallen” is currently ranked as the (#21) album in Byrdbored history spending (13) weeks at (#1) and (88) weeks in the Byrdy Dozen. It has been certified 11x Platinum (Diamond) on Byrdbored.

The band released their latest album, “The Bitter Truth”, in 2021 which hit (#1) for three weeks and has been certified Platinum thus far. Evanescence has scored six (#1) singles and (14) Byrdy Dozen hits along with four (#1) albums since their debut in 2003.

The band’s six (#1) Byrdbored hits are in the videos below.

AC/DC Now Eligible For Nest Of Fame

Thanks to an incredible new album, “PWR/UP”, and some listening to the Australian rockers back catalog, AC/DC is finally eligible for the Nest Of Fame. Since they started in roughly 1976, years is definitely not a problem for the rock legends. The band hit (2,110) points on Byrdbored this past week and could be over (2,500) points by the end of the year. The guys are currently ranked (#52) in Byrdbored history.

Tracy Lawrence Now Eligible For Nest Of Fame

As of the week ending May 15, 2021, Tracy Lawrence is now eligible for the Byrdbored Nest Of Fame with (2,011) points earned and well over 20 years of music (actually 30 now). Lawrence was a mainstay in the 1990’s and has charted twelve Byrdy Dozen singles including four (#1) songs. He has charted ten Byrdy Dozen albums including his new album, “Hindsight 2020: Stairway To Heaven Highway To Hell”, which has so far peaked at (#8). His biggest single and album was “I See It Now” which both hit the top of Byrdbored in 1994. The single is Diamond certified and spent five weeks on top of the Singles chart while spending eight weeks as the top Country single. The album, “I See It Now”, is certified 7x Platinum and spent ten weeks on top of the albums chart. Lawrence has scored seven (#1) Country songs on Byrdbored. Lawrence is the 57th artist to earn (2,000) points or more and is currently ranked (#57) all-time.

INXS Inducted Into Nest Of Fame For 2021!

The Australian band INXS were formed by the Farriss brothers in 1977, but the band reached their heights by the mid-to-late 1980s. They combined pop, rock, dance and funk and were fronted by simply one of the more charismatic lead singers of the time in Michael Hutchence. INXS landed eighteen hit singles including seven (#1)’s. Two of the hits, “What You Need” and “Need You Tonight”, have been certified Diamond. “What You Need” is currently ranked in the top 100 songs of all time at (#30). They charted seven albums including five (#1)’s led by “Kick” which is certified Diamond and ranked (#32) all time. INXS have earned (2,153) points which ranks the band at (#47) all time. The death of Michael Hutchence in 1997 most definitely changed the musical course of the band. Although they did score a (#1) hit in 2005 with “Pretty Vegas” with a new lead singer, J.D. Fortune, replacing Hutchence would prove to difficult. The band performed their last show in November 2012 and stated it would be their last. Through the years, INXS have been a band that I come back to again and again. It seems I appreciate them even more now than in their prime, and they were always a band that did it their way. They are truly one of the more unique bands of their time, and it is my honor to announce INXS as the 40th member of the Byrdbored Nest Of Fame. 🎸

Huey Lewis & The News Inducted Into Nest Of Fame For 2021!

Huey Lewis & The News are one of the most unique groups from the 1980’s (and maybe ever). For many they are a bar band that made good. They were inspired by British pub rock and 1960’s R&B and rock & roll. I love the fact that you never knew which direction a new song might go for the guys. They have scored seventeen hit singles on Byrdbored including eight (#1) songs. Seven songs have been certified Platinum. They have charted six albums including three (#1)’s which include two of the top 100 albums of all-time. “Sports” which spent ten weeks on top and 75 weeks on the chart, has been certified 9x Platinum and currently ranks (#45) all time. “Fore” spent nine weeks on top and 49 weeks on the chart and has been certified 7x Platinum and currently ranks (#96) all time. “Sports” helped the guys win group and album of the year in 1984. Huey Lewis & The News have earned (2,167) points to date which currently ranks the group at (#45) all time. Although Lewis has had some health issues of late (hearing loss) making it impossible to currently tour, the group had pulled together enough new music to release and EP early in 2020. That EP produced a (#1) hit with “Her Love Is Killin’ Me” in late 2019 which finished the year as the (#5) hit for 2019. The ability to score a (#1) hit this late in their career shows a special feel for music and what they do best. They have always done what they wanted to do as a group and let the chips fall where they may. They are a true one of a kind group that may never be duplicated. Congratulations to Huey Lewis & The News for being inducted as the 39th member of the Nest Of Fame. 😎

The Eagles Inducted Into Nest Of Fame For 2021!

There are very few bands with the musical legacy of The Eagles. However, since I did not begin charting any music until 1981, The Eagles were substantially left out in the cold on Byrdbored. In 2005 I decided to begin my initial run of Vault charts, however, and that changed things. They ran from 2005-2013 and in that nine year time frame The Eagles would score nineteen hit singles including fifteen (#1) songs. The guys would also land four (#1) albums during that time. They even won two Byrdbored Music Awards in 2008 for the Vault Group and Entertainer of the year. With the re-start of the Vault charts in 2020, The Eagles most likely are not done earning points. They currently have (2,223) points which ranks them at (#44) all time. When you consider they were predominantly a 1970’s band, it really shows how timeless their music really is. If someone my age still wants to listen to their music all these years later, it is apparent how special The Eagles are. They are one of the few bands that it wouldn’t matter what decade or time they released music. They have something that not every group has, and now The Eagles are officially the first artist to make the Nest Of Fame with the majority of their music recorded before 1981. It is my honor to announce The Eagles as the 38th member of the Byrdbored Nest Of Fame. 🎸

Matchbox Twenty Inducted Into Nest Of Fame For 2021!

In the late 1990’s, there were a few new pop/rock bands that blasted onto Byrdbored and let me know the future was bright. Matchbox Twenty might have been the head of that class. They broke in 1996 with the album, “Yourself Or Someone Like You”, which hit (#1) and spent three weeks on top. The debut spent (82) weeks on the albums chart and has sold over 15 million copies worldwide. MB 20 have scored eight (#1) songs and charted nineteen hits on Byrdbored including four Diamond Singles. They have charted five albums including three that hit (#1). Both “Yourself Or Someone Like You” and “More Than You Think You Are” have been certified 7x Platinum on Byrdbored. Both albums are currently in the top 100 albums of all time. The band’s (2,329) points are currently good enough to rank them at (#42) all time. MB 20 have collected eleven Byrdbored Music Awards including three in their debut year for new artist (Welcome Abored), group and entertainer of the year. The scary thing about MB 20 is how high could they be ranked if Rob Thomas wasn’t splitting his time between the band and his solo career? Although I love Thomas’ solo music as well, MB 20 would undoubtedly be even higher on my personal list if they recorded more music together. I have always felt Rob Thomas is similar to Phil Collins in the sense that they are song writers who split time between solo and band music and make it look easy. Thomas may actually be a new generations Phil Collins and the closest we may come to seeing someone be that successful doing both for an extended period of time. Hopefully we hear new MB 20 music in the future, but for now it is time to celebrate the band becoming the 37th member of the Byrdbored Nest Of Fame. 😎

John Michael Montgomery Inducted Into Nest Of Fame For 2021!

Without any doubt, John Michael Montgomery was one of the top Country male vocalist of the 1990’s. He stood toe-to-toe with some of the heaviest hitters of the 1990’s in what became (in my opinion) one of the best decades for Country music. The 1990’s was my favorite decade for Country music, and it was the only decade that I can honestly say that the Country genre was my favorite. John Michael Montgomery has scored eighteen hit singles including ten (#1) hits. He has eleven Country (#1) songs. He landed seven charting albums including four that hit the top. His album, “Kickin’ It Up”, spent eight weeks on top and (61) weeks on the albums chart. The album is currently ranked in the top 100 of all-time at (#75) and is certified 7x Platinum. Montgomery is currently ranked (#40) all time with (2,465) points. He has won eight Byrdbored Music Awards including back-to-back Country Male Vocalist and Country Entertainer awards in 1994 and 1995. Montgomery could do a fast tongue twister song like “Sold (The Grundy County Auction)” or absolutely nail any Country ballad you wanted him to do. He actually had some of the classic Country ballads of the 1990’s. He made you feel every note and feel like you were living the song with him in the moment. It is my honor to announce John Michael Montgomery as the 36th member of the Byrdbored Nest Of Fame. 😎

Sister Hazel Inducted Into Nest Of Fame For 2021!

Sister Hazel burst onto the music scene in 1997 with “All For You”. A catchy tune that most people have heard, but probably have forgotten about. In 2000, “Change Your Mind” was the song that changed everything for me. Their harmonies and song writing have long since been overlooked. However, I understand this selection being confusing for most. After all, they were a 1990’s band who disappeared after the early 2000’s right? That sentiment couldn’t be more wrong. Sister Hazel is probably one of the hardest working bands out there and are very consistent. They have charted 29 hit singles including four (#1) hits with “Change Your Mind” being their biggest hit spending two weeks on top and four months in the top ten. Their even more impressive number is (14) charting albums including six that hit (#1). To put that in perspective, only two artists have charted more albums on Byrdbored than Sister Hazel. Bon Jovi with (16) and Steven Curtis Chapman with (15) are the only artists with more. They simply have out-worked most bands. They have never stopped producing solid music, and anyone that was a fan at the beginning would like most anything they have done. Their (2,633) points place them at (#32) all time, and they are one band that I fully expect to continue to tour and record music for awhile longer. They are also a great live band that I have seen at least five times over the years. Although they might not have the huge hits of some, everything they do is quality and solid. You never have a doubt that Sister Hazel is working to bring good music to their fans. For those fans that stopped listening to the guys in the early 2000’s, hopefully you go back and give their music a legit chance. You won’t be disappointed. It is my honor to announce Sister Hazel as the 35th member of the Byrdbored Nest Of Fame. 🎸