Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood Rule Again; Aldean Remains On Top Of Albums & Artists Chart

Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood retain the SongByrd 60 top single for a second week with “If I Didn’t Love You”. The hit became only the 14th collaboration in Byrdbored history to hit the top when it blasted from (#7) to (#1) last week. The song now looks to be one of the front-runners for Country Song of the Year at the 41st Annual Byrdbored Music Awards in January. Aldean has won Country Song of the Year three times (2014, 2015 & 2018) while Underwood has never won the award.

With a 2-spin increase from last week, MercyMe blast from (#6) to (#2) with “Whiplash”. The hit is the group’s 4th Byrdy Dozen single from their former (#2) album, “Inhale (Exhale)”, and their 23rd overall. “Whiplash” is also their 22nd (#1) Christian Contemporary song and spends a 3rd straight week as the top Christian song. The tune could become MercyMe’s 6th overall (#1) in the coming weeks and has now been certified Gold on Byrdbored.

Forest Blakk moves to (#3) with “Fall Into Me” which takes over the top Hot AC song replacing John Mayer’s “Wild Blue” which drops to (#6) on the SongByrd 60. Daughtry move up one notch to (#4) with “The Victim” which spends an 8th straight week as the top Rock song.

Daughtry’s days with the top Rock song might be numbered, however, as Skillet’s latest single, “Standing In The Storm”, blasts from (#23) to (#5). Their latest scores the Power Pick Hit of the Week with a 9-spin increase from last week and also earns the Big Byrd Mover of the Week. “Standing In The Storm” is the Rock act’s 42nd Byrdy Dozen and has an excellent shot at becoming the band’s 21st (#1) song in the coming weeks. Skillet is set to release their 11th album, “Dominion”, on January 14th, 2022.

Despite already having one hit song, “Some Habits”, sitting at (#30) on the SongByrd 60, Cole Swindell released another new tune, “Never Say Never”, featuring Lainey Wilson this week. The hit is the High Flyin’ Debut coming in at (#35) with 10 spins in it’s first week. With another Country duet from Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood, “If I Didn’t Love You”, riding high at (#1) why not try to catch lighting in a bottle? Time will tell if “Never Say Never” has the same success, but High Flyin’ Debut of the Week is a great starting point.

On the SongByrd 60 Albums Chart, Jason Aldean retains the top album, “Macon”, for a second week with (89) more song plays. The album became Aldean’s 9th top album in Byrdbored history last week. Silk Sonic actually increase their song plays from their album, “An Evening With Silk Sonic”, to move to (#2). Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak pick up (76) song plays which is a 10-song increase from it’s debut week. The duo’s latest hit, “Smokin’ Out The Window”, leaps from (#33) to (#24) on the SongByrd 60.

Daughtry’s new album, “Dearly Beloved”, slips one spot to (#3) followed by OneRepublic’s “Human” which jumps back up to it’s peak at (#4) for a 5th non-consecutive week. Gabby Barrett’s release of her deluxe version of “Goldmine” boosts the album from (#17) to a new peak at (#5). “Goldmine” increases by (45) song plays to score the Power Pick Album of the Week. The album contains the (#8) hit single, “Footprints On The Moon”, which leaps four notches and has a 6-spin increase from last week.

With no major album releases for Byrdbored (sorry Adele), the High Flyin’ Debut is Anne Wilson’s Christmas release, “I Still Believe In Christmas”, coming in at (#50). The Big Byrd Mover Album of the Week is Hunter Hayes with “Wild Blue” which leaps from (#58) to (#38). The album contains the (#53) hit single, “Tell Me”, which debuts in the SongByrd 60 this week.

On the SongByrd 60 Artists Chart, Jason Aldean spends a second straight week (and his third overall) on top scoring (127) total song plays. Daughtry remain strong at (#2) with OneRepublic also staying put at (#3). Silk Sonic leap from (#8) to (#4) thanks to their 10-song play increase from last week. Carrie Underwood continues to see a spike in her song plays despite not having a new album, but the (#1) SongByrd 60 song does have it’s benefits driving her from (#7) to (#5).

Gabby Barrett blasts from (#27) to (#6) thanks to her Power Pick Hit Album,“Goldmine”, which hit a new peak at (#5). Barrett released her deluxe version of the album this week which helps to drive a (45) song- play increase for Barrett.

Cole Swindell blasts from (#49) to (#23) thanks to adding the High Flyin’ Debut Single of the Week, “Never Say Never”, featuring Lainey Wilson which comes in at (#35). Alan Jackson also leaps from (#57) to (#34) thanks to the release of his new song, “Racing The Dark”, which was written by his daughter about the passing of Jackson’s Son-In-Law. Thomas Rhett also jumps from (#58) to (#38) thanks to his latest single, “Slow Down Summer”, which leaps from (#42) to (#29) on the SongByrd 60.

The ByrdTrax volume hits the second highest total of the year (behind last week’s record 1,388) at (1,326). The 2021 weekly song play average moves up to (1,126) which is (266) plays higher than 2020. The Vault % remains at 20% of the total plays, while Christmas songs move up to 9%. Thanksgiving week is usually brutal to the ByrdTrax volume as it normally drops at least 30-40%. 2021 has been the highest song play volume ever, however, so even lower plays will most likely be fairly high compared to past years.

(For the week ending November 20, 2021)

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